Raptor ravage tooltip unclear

Raptor ravage node text says 20% more crit chance and damage per point vs bleeding. Its completely unclear what this node will do.

  1. More crit chance what is this? Is it added crit chance, increased crit strike chance or something else entirely? PS Wolves Legendary Bite has the same problem.
  2. Is the damage part crit damage or damage? The order of the words make it sound like it’s Crit damage.

Recommend writing it like this 20% more damage and added/increased crit strike chance.

It is both More Critical Strike Chance and More Damage. “More” modifiers are multiplicative with “Increased” modifiers for all stats.

For example, if your Raptor has a base crit chance of 5% (as everything does), +5% base crit chance, +15% increased crit chance on your items and +10% on your passives, and +20% more crit chance against bleeding, it will have a final crit chance of:

  • (0.05 + 0.05) x (1 + 0.15 + 0.10) = 12.5% against all enemies
  • ( (0.05 + 0.05) x (1 + 0.15 + 0.10) ) x (1 + 0.20) = 15% against bleeding enemies
    It would have a 14.5% chance against bleeding if the +20% was also increased.

You’re right that the tooltip is unclear in this case, I’ll make it more clear. Thanks for the report!

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