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Rank 1 Beastmaster Serpent Strike "ViperStorm", Wave 275 Full Build Guide | Patch 8.0d

Rank #1 Beastmaster Serpent Strike “ViperStorm”, Wave 275 Full Build Guide

YouTube Video Link :'sCorner

Intro :

This is a followup to this video :'sCorner

Hello, this is Dr3ad, from Apprentice’s Corner, and in this forum topic, we have a showcase of my Serpent Strike Beastmaster , which just pushed to wave 275, died to Lightning Balls, and could have pushed further "I estimate over 300 waves*, and easily one of the strongest Beastmaster build I’ve ever played.

Build Guide


We are using this,

and this,

with this,

with Aspect of the Viper Effect on Idols, Chest and Helm, to achieve,

Large poisons, which get a 4 second duration thanks to all the nodes in Serpent Strike.

Skill Trees

Serpent Strike

Grapping the Poison and Damage over time % nodes are essential, and the 2 points in the dodge rating is very helpful!


Your sterotypical maelstrom tree, Dodge and HP per second are the most important nodes.

Ice Thorns

We are using this for the 100% crit avoidance!

Frenzy Totem

Poison Chance, Frenzy Effect and HP are all important.

* Tornado "

Movement Speed and Attack Speed + Duration of Aspect of the Storm are most important.



You want 4x of these.

You want all the resistance blessings. More details in the video.

Twitch :
YouTube :
Discord :

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Nice build!
Are the base items for helm, chest, and belt correct?

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No, I am sorry, you want the movement speed chest, and ranger belt, the helmet does not matter on its base!

It would be great if you could update the gear planner when you have time.

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