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Ranged tanky'ish build/class?

Can anyone recommend a ranged class build that is somewhat tanky since my piloting skills arent very sharp so i need some forgiveness.
I have a void knight auto bomber but it feels very boring by now.

I will not recommend a “build”, but generally speaking I would say any Range Caster Lich is a good call here.

Lich is incredibly versatile and tanky.

Just Stack HP (Lich has the best HP scaling shortly after Druid) and Endurance with leech from passives.

You have quite a few options for Hit/Crit or Ailments builds with skills like Rip Blood, Marrow Shards, Soul Feast for examples.

You could try a shield throw sentinel build… ranged and tanky… :wink:

Lots of variations to try for Paladin, Forge Guard and Void Knight…

Sentinel is probably what you are looking for. It’s tanky, and it has several range attacks like Hammer Throw, Javalin, and Shield Throw.

I would propose any Smiter, Paladin or Void Knight.