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Random oneshots from environment

I just got killed from random ice shards falling from the sky, because I had to scratch my leg. I was annoyed by falling debris, meteors, whatever before, but this takes the cake. Why woud you punish the player for standing a few (!) seconds still after a big fight? Its not like people will stand still and rest surrounded by enemies.

Seriously, remove this stupid bullshit. It adds nothing to the challenge.

Btw this happened literally two maps after being instantly one shot by Orobyss. He starts at the edge of the arena, I ran up to him and he instantly cast the big, broad line of void (meteor?) right before him effectively trapping me since sentinel cant just jump away like other classes can (as Lunge needs a target). It was pretty much impossible to evade, the fight lasted for literally two seconds (plus his babbling). Great fun indeed. And no, I easily killed him before, also with other chars.


Since the Shade has different skill sets, you can get some more difficult combinations. Different Sades also have different damage types (cold, fire, ice, poison, physical) So if you have max res against fire, but only 20% against cold, you might doing fine against a fire Shade, but struggle at a cold Shade. Void is always something you should be prepared against.

In general the Shade has very lethal attacks and you should actively avoid most of them. After some time you learn the different skills and how to dodge them. And if you don’t manage to kill a certain Shade you can still move on and try another with a different skill set.

Regarding the spires:
They stop attacking when you are out of combat. So scratching your knee is no problem, as long as you don’t have aggro from a mob or used a skill within the last 4 seconds.

But if Spires oneshot you, you maybe also lack some defensive stats, given you don’t run on high corruption timelines. Note that they also have different damage types.


I have good resis, maxed or almost maxed besides poison. I know Orobyss can be lethal and I focus on survival, I dont have issues with the fight and also think the variations of his skill sets is fun. Some skill combinations might be downright unfair and some one shot abilities like the meteor should be rebalanced and/or be on a cooldown upon entering the fight. Being one shot within 2sec later seems just dumb. You didnt see it, that particular ability in that particular fight seemed unavoidable, at least as a melee class without a non targeteted move skill (I doubt there is a tell prior to this ability like Lagos eyes). This is not an exaggeration and I also was quite puzzled after that, since that was the first time the shade seemed downright unfair to me. Maybe Sentinel needs reconsideration, if he is the only one not being able to just jump away.

Never noticed the spires to stop attacking. That just seems false. On a dozen occasions I couldnt rest for a few seconds because these damn things kept shooting, although I never got killed by them before. I might havent even waited out that ominous 4sec timer before, I will test that. 4 sec seems awfully long for a fast paced game. Why do I need to finish a big fight, quickly check my surroundings for additional aggro and then wait out such an arbitrary timer? Just two seconds of carelessness (out of combat!) shouldnt just kill you.

Spires one shotting me? Again, high res. I think on that particular incident mutliple ice aoe circles stacked upon me. Maybe it wasnt even a spire but another stupid global effect.

The Void Meteor that goes across the platform has a windup animation and voice cue from Shade.

He raises both of his hands and says “Here it comes” or “The End comes”

Spires stop attacking, when you are out of combat is new since Patch 084.

Being outside of combat means, not dealing or receiving damage for the last 4 seconds.
So sometimes you kill a mob pack and the spire still attack one more time.
The only spire that is causing issue here is the void spire, because it spawns adds that seem to keep you in combat.

I am not even sure if a spire killed you, there are no ice or frost spires.

The only spire that deals cold damage is the Wengari Spire, which has these expaning DoT areas.

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Thanks for some clarification. I cant be too sure either, of course I didnt record anything, but I am certain there were no mobs around. I am glad aggro range is shorter than in PoE, that exact issue annoyed me constantly there, not being able to check something for a moment and constantly drawing aggro from some little shits outside the screen.

Of course I have much more to learn especially about Orobyss. Two dozen fights max. arent that much considering the plentiful skill combinations, but I sincerely feel like I didnt do anything wrong on both quickly following described occasions. This thread was a bit of venting, I admit, but I think cheap deaths like this should remain a PoE thing (were even more stupid deaths would cost you potentially DAYS of grinding above lvl95, not just a few echoes…).

Basically all of my replies to similar posts like yours are no tries to defend or argue, that there is nothing wrong with the game.

Experiences like yours are totally worth mentioning and be looked at.
I guess it is just a little bit difficult to actually do something about it though, if you don’t know what happened or killed you.

Generally speaking I would say LE is very good already in terms of those “cheap deaths”, how you called them.

Shade Of Orobyss is also a fight that has so many individual abilities to learn and memorize, that it can feel very hard to learn.
You sometimes will fight 20-30 Shades without encountering a specific ability at all and then you think you have it all down and all of the sudden he throws something at you you never encountered before.

One thing, that is great for learning shades though, at least in Softcore is, that each specific Shade Echo in the echo web, will stay the same.
So when you fail a Shade Fight because of a specific ability you can do this one echo over and over again and pratice.

Nope, it just means that you’ve not used a skill “recently”. So if you use a movement skill to zip through the zone then the game will keep on dropping spires on you.


This. And make sure you don’t have skills on numlock-autocast.

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Yeah, I love that ‘feature’… zipping around on my Swarmblade and watching that Rage drain without any way to get it back… /sigh Then, encountering a group of mobs just as I’m forced back into Human form.

I just tested that. They do stop shooting. You guys are right, thanks. Next time I need to scratch, I’ll withstand the urge for just a few more seconds after getting out of combat :wink:


Yeah! :grin:

You could also try to scratch single handed while keeping the other hand on the mouse. So you can scratch’n move :slightly_smiling_face:

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As I’ve just encountered another one of these, I am pretty sure it was the moon spires. They deal lightning type damage, but look more like frost. To kill me on pretty high res, they must’ve indeed perfectly stacked.

Oh yeah, if you have a 2 or 3 spires map and their telegraphs overlap, that can be deadly.

I would argue their telegraph can be very faint on certain types of maps (mostly white/snow-ish maps), so it can be hard to see.

My guess is both the ice golems (the big and the bigger ones) and the Wengari Chieftain have ice shard skills that come from top and randomly drops in a certain area, and these skills last even if you killed the source, specially the chieftain one can go on more than 5 seconds later, same happens with the fire golem mini-boss, with his fire puddle (the cauldron one). A small QoL would be that those skills immediately stop after you kill the source (the monster/boss), it does NOT happen with Orobyss or any big mono bosses, the blood flows from the Emperor of Corpses stage are an expection, certainly I’m missing much more.

Everything else… people are trained to top resistances, while health is just as much if not more important, also any way of mitigation, the primary universal one (more effective vs physical though) being armor, but block, glancing blows, and having crit avoidance capped do help just as much.

About Orobyss big meteor, is a tricky skill, if you are not expecting it, it is hard to avoid. I usually go against him with utmost care, waiting for his skillset to shop up in battle, and react accordingly. For that meteor skill, I usually wait on a timer, even stop attacking him until the skill goes off, then attack him for about 10 seconds or so, until next one or is dead. Orobyss talks a lot so I don’t guide myself with audio cues.

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Yes, this works for your just as it does them. If a (cast, not channelled) skill has a duration, once it’s out in the world it is independent of the caster dieing.

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