Random Marked for Death - Soul Bastion Shield

I started a Sentinel S&B (first new character since the Chapter 1 overhaul) and since starting Chapter 2, I’ve noticed he’s been getting the Marked for Death debuff a lot, and from enemies that never did that before. Occasionally, I’ll be approaching an enemy and before blows are exchanged, both my Sentinel and the enemy get the debuff. Mostly seems to be happening with spiders but it also occurs with other enemy types. It really seems to be random since it doesn’t always happen with spiders or other enemy types.

I believe it’s related to the Soul Bastion shield. It is granting soul charges (there’s no icon for it) and Soul Eruption does trigger, but if I equip a different shield I don’t see the Marked for Death debuff on my Sentinel nor any enemies.

That’s exactly what Soul Eruption does. Every time you trigger Soul Eruption every body get Mark for Death.

Thanks, but it says nothing like that when I mouse-over the shield and when I press ‘alt’. It should also show the spell like I’ve seen in other places.

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Yes it should be clearer

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