Random lag spikes since patch. My PC or known issue?

So ever since the patch it’s been lagging and rubberbanding a bit. Usually every 30 seconds or so for 1/2 a second to 2 seconds. You’ll get the jittery mobs and the split second lag and they’re dead etc

It could be my router I suppose but I’m at 294mbps at 5g so I can’t see how it could slow down that match. My latency doesn’t move either it sticks around 32.

Is this a known issue or something I’ll have to fix on my end?

Thank you all kindly.

Have you tried searching the forum for “lag” or “rubberbanding”? If it were a known issue there would probably be other threads that on could hypothetically post one’s details to to give the devs more ifo and keep it all in one place.