Random freezes

I picked the game back up last week and tried to create a fresh new online character.

What was pretty clear very soon is that the game randomly froze for 1 second, no matter what I was doing or where I was with my character, and I thought it was a communication problem with the server.

I then decided to switch to one of my old offline characters but to my surprise the same thing happens offline.
This is something I never experience with this game before, last time I played it was 0.8b if I recall correctly.

New patch tomorrow so that might fix it.

If it doesnt, provide logs and whatnot :slight_smile:


Also, try verify files

The Verification found no corrupted files, and the freezes are more and more frequent the more I play.
I have no issues with other more demanding games. I hope the next patch will fix it because for now it’s not playable since I find myself dead a lot after the freezes.

This is the logfile, it’s full of errors in spite of the game files having no issues according to Steam
Player.zip (21.9 KB)

I installed the game on a completely different computer and I get the same behavior and errors in the logfile.

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