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Random death in arena echo

unless I am super blind, I just got killed by a lightning blast from ‘no name’ when there were no lightning enemies…just bears, ice spiders, and ice tigers. So I am not sure where the lightning blast came from? But also the ‘no name’ thing feels more buggy then legit

Please can you post your player-prev.log and player.log files,… They may have some info that could explain what happened…

The no name death message sometimes shows up if you get killed by a damage over time effect… and iirc sometimes if you have killed a mob before you then subsequently die to the damage they inflicted (timing).

Hard to tell from just bear/spiders and tiger (I think they are called stalkers)… Usually arena style maps have a few more than just 3 different mobs… Tunks bestiary doesnt show that any of these use Lightning, but its not impossible that something could have had a monster modifier that added lightning damage.

Gonna be honest…I’m a dummy and I don’t know where to find those files. And since it’s been a day would they even still have helpful info? Sorry in advance, I’ll try to be more helpful next time

I don’t see how it could have been dot, since it said lightning explosion did me in. It was only wave 4, so pretty early to get all the mobs types spawned, definately only was ice mobs that I saw tho, maybe they snuck in a skele detonating arrow jerk in the south spawn. Not sure what their skill name is.

Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub - gives you details on on to find the logs - they normally cycle on restart with the one file being the previous version for debugging…

I doubt they contain anything about the death though - only if there was some bug trapped that may help the devs trace the issue…

The DoT guess is just one of the known ways of causing this deathnote with no source specifically. Other maps themselves have damage causing AoE ground effects that kill & the Pylon maps can also sometimes not register a source. All fairly well known possibilities…

But that obviously doesnt help figure out what killed you for future reference.

If I had to hazard a guess, its very likely that you were killed by an off-screen source - there are so many forum posts about this specific issue that there is no point in discussing it here, but Lightning ranged mobs are usually the culprits. Arena mode also auto aggros so unlike normal maps you dont have to run past/tag them before they attack so you may never see them before they attack.

If this is what happened, it doesnt explain why you had no source of the damage tho… That would definitely be a bug if you were killed by an offscreen mob. (38.2 KB)
thank you for the link for the files. added yesterdays so hopefully it will be more helpful than just a random screen shot. I’ll keep it in mind for later…thanks for the help so far =)

Thanks for posting this.

I am not a Unity developer but I do see some debug messages that are not the typical ones I recognise in other players log files - they seem like they may be be related to the bug in question so that should help the devs when they review this thread.

On a side note, while the log is generally ok as things like this go, I also see a few instances of debug messages that commonly happen in one of two primary situations - one, if the install isnt ok OR if you are using settings that are a little high for the state of the game and your hardware combination… It doesnt look like the performance issues are catastrophic (totally crashing the game etc) and the game is handling ok generally, but it is definitely struggling and recovering itself from certain gpu related issues every so often.

With those in mind, please can you Verify the Game files in Steam to make sure that your install is ok and isnt missing something.

I dont know what settings you are using but I would suggest dropping something down a notch or two or lower any FPS limits you have - especially if you intermittently notice a freeze or larger FPS spike or the game doing something odd occassionally… This is entirely up to you, I am just suggesting it due to the info in the debug log…

All 862 files successfully validated.

Generally only get really bad graphics performance with big lightning / fire fx in my build. The occasional map and crystal lotus does too. But I know these are fairly common issues, so it doesn’t bother me too much.

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I think I found the mob that ended up killing me from before, cuz it did it again. =( I encountered a death screen that had the same “lightning explosion from ‘no name’”. was quick enough to grab a video of it, and some screen shots from that.

Hah… well done…

According to Tunks website - that mob has a Cast on Death Lightning Explosion Spell - which would probably explain the no name issue - the mob is dead when it casts the explosion that kills you… and from what I can see, its got a good chance of being quite a powerful attack… and because of the high crit… I can just make out that it hit you for 1916 crit. I.e. one shot you.

now the devs have something to work from to fix the noname issue.