Random crashes when starting game client or when entering/loading map

TLDR: LAST EPOCH constantly crashes when logging in and/or when loading maps

When I was still playing campaign, crashes where less frequent - maybe once every 5-10 levels and always occured when loading a map - never while actually playing

When I entered the “End of time” game phase, crahes started to be more frequent. I guess it might be due to the fact that maps are shorter so I was entering more maps per 1h of gameplay.

I believe crashes each time had some strange impact on memory and GPU usage as often it was making other apps unresponsive as well (like chrome)

Starting from yesterday (not sure why) crashes started to occur during every attempt to join a game/load a map - I could login, select character, but game kept crashing while loading the initial map

Today I can’t launch the client at all - it either crashes at the startup or after I press “login” to enter my account

One more interesting thing as well is that I’ve noticed yesterday when I still could launch the client that in the graphics tab - every graphic option had only 4 settings to choose from: “OPTION A” / “OPTION B”, “OPTION C”, “OPTION D”
I.E. when i pressed resolution I didnt have 640x480, 800x600 etc, but “OPTION X”
Verify game files integrity didnt solve it

Launch with admin/compatibility mode
Verify game integrity
Full reinstall

Nothing helped. Game is unaplaybe for me atm

DxDiag.txt (101.4 KB)
Player.log (46.3 KB)


The options abcd thing can be resolved by deleting your graphics ini file

When you say youve restarted, do you mean you restarted your game or your computer?


Thanks for swift response.

Before I’ve noticed your advise I decided to delete from my PC all Last Epoch connected folders that were being left even after game being uninnstalled - this seemed to helped

I can launch the game now and crashes are now I would say rather rare - Today 3h gaming session without a single one so I would say issue was resolved.

Having above in mind, I believe it would be a good idea for DEV’s to reevaluate which files should be left on PC upoin uninstall/reinstall to avoid similar issues like those that I’ve encountered.

On a side note: I’ve leared the hard way that loot filter isnt saved on steam servers - thats a shame :f

I’m glad the issue is resolved for you :slight_smile:

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