Rampage Unuseable

What went wrong?

I understand that rampage is a channeled skill, I am using a build that focuses on using rampage. However, when using the skill, it will frequently appear to be caught on absolutely nothing, and then the server appears to ‘catch up’ after multiple casts of rampage as if the character was de-synced. More than half the time when using rampage (especially with multiple enemies near by, or in cramped geography with lots of collission) It is an active detriment to use rampage- this is most obvious on the initial dragon boss fight in the Reign of Dragons Monolyth (the dragon has a lot of collission, using rampage you will pretty consistently get stuck on the boss’s collission, making for strange /slow movement, or getting stuck all-together)

Given the nature of this issue including a screenshot does not seem useful, however, the issue should be pretty easy to re-create, especially on the aforementioned boss fight-

I love the game and love the build, if we could get rampage working correctly :frowning:


Agreed. Rampage is bugged on certain terrain where it prematurely kicks you out of rampage. This is especially problematic with skills that are spec’d to pair and trigger with the use of the rampage skill.

Prime example here… link queued to the relevant section.


EXACTLY. the same boss and everything. i hope the fix it …i love the build :{

I feel the same way! I’m not that far yet, and I don’t have such a sophisticated build, but the rampage bug is really annoying.

Please fix the bug and all druids will thank you! Because it doesn’t just affect only this one build. Every druid want to cast this spell because it promises really good movement :slight_smile:

Hope -------------> Rampage

Same problem here. Unable to progress The Emperor of Corpses boss

Reported several times on the forums.
The bug is easily reproducible in the Emperor of Corpses area and on most wooden floors in Monolith of Fate instances.

Turns out…rerolling several times now. it’s pretty much every movement ability to some degree. none quite as bad as rampage but im having a hell of a time on temporal sanctum boss because my new toon also just gets stuck on nothing. really sad.

There has been a post about this last year why hasn’t this been fixed yet it’s a massive problem especially with rampage skill just in general is still bugged, wont move forward on cast, rubber banding back to where you cast it, getting stuck on nothing and walls. we need a fix holy crap, please!

Still a problem, Rampage is completely broken in my Druid Werebear build. This looks to be an ongoing issue, not sure what they are waiting for re Fix.

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