Rampage feels underwhelming now

“Traversal skills are a subset of movement skills. Using a traversal skill will put all other traversal skills on cooldown and while you are using a traversal skill, traversal skills’ cooldowns will not recover.”
“Rampage (from Werebear Form) has a 4.5 second cooldown (from 4 seconds).”

Of all traversal skills I feel like Rampage got the biggest hit on this patch. It’s a channeled ability that tends to get stuck on terrain and even if they fix the general bug associated with channeled ability with the desync (teleport back to where you started) it falls short compared to other movement abilities.
Since you’re also restricted in going only in one direction the “infinite” use while channeling only applies to a few situations in monolith so you most likely will be using it for 2sec and then waiting 4.5 sec to get it back again.

Without reverting the nerf I hope they look into the skill past the fixing the few bugs cause even with comparable investment in CDR to other classes it feels like the worst traversal skill in the game right now.

If I remember correctly, one of the early teasers for the Werebear rework(or Dev stream just before maybe?) said that we would be able to turn slightly with Rampage. This never made it into the game and I have no idea what happened to it.

It feels like they’re constantly adding things like all the dmg nodes in lower werebear tree, automated warcry, the reduced movespeed and global dmg (with new no cd node), to make Rampage viable as a main skill(like an alternative Warpath) but I don’t feel it is ever going to happen as so many bosses have area denial and require moving in a specific place. Like try using Rampage as a main skill in T4 Julra, you’ll just die to beams, Can’t even hit Lagon with it, Can get hit by entire Rahyeh pie chart, etc.

I wish we had the old werebear charge back. I like the fast responsiveness dash like a sentinel lunge. Werebear is melee, why cant it have fast movement skill like other melee classes?

Does Rampage feel so different for you guys compared to Shield Rush?

I see Shield Rush getting praised as one if the best traversal skills of the game. Yet, I see people complain about Rampage when it works exactly the same. Or am I missing something?

Rampage has some ramp up to max speed and the base speed is slower than Shield Rush (1.1 vs 1.467 per second). You have the option to use Lunge instead where as a Bear you need to switch out of form to use the other movement skill Fury Leap. You even have access to Valiant Charge on Sentinel tree to get 30% CD recovery for movement skills which is nice and since it also gives +Health it’s not a waste of 5 points.

I’m not sure that means movement speed, since the 1.467 figure is the game’s base atracks per second figure used for all melee attacks. I would have assumed that the lokes of Rampage/Shield Rush would have used your character’s movement speed. Though I suspect this could do with a bit of clarification from the devs.


I might be wrong using that stat as comparison then. I haven’t compared footage of them side by side with similar movement speed but it does say that Shield Rush is scaling off Attack Speed (Rampage doesn’t anymore). Haste Shrine work on both skills but that’s character Movement Speed and Action Speed.
I’m only in the process of leveling a Sentinel myself on this patch it feels noticeably faster but I will try some testing later.

I agree that Rampage still feels underwhelming even though they tried to implement all sorts of new mechanics to make it feel better as a primary skill. The one thing that holds it back in my opinion is being unable to (slightly) steer it. Getting stuck on terrain wouldn’t feel as bad anymore and the skill would lose a good part of its clunkiness.
I prefer a Warpath build over Rampage any day, simply because I can adjust its direction and speed at will, making it a way more viable option in almost all situations, especially boss fights.