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Rahyeh's Strength node in Paladin tree gets overriden

As the title says, Rahyeh’s Strength’s bonus damage after a melee attack gets overriden by Smite’s Righteous Fury bonus damage. The former gives you bonus damage after a melee attack, and the latter bonus damage after you cast Smite. The thing is, if you cast Smite and get the bonus from it’s node, your damage doesn’t increase after a melee attack anymore. Order doesn’t matter.

That’s not what I’m seeing. The two nodes give very different bonuses. Smite’s node gives flat melee fire damage & I can see my “basic attack dps” increasing after I cast it, Rahyeh’s Strength gives % increased fire damage & I can see that line on my character sheet increase as it should after hitting something. My hit damage does appear to be higher with both bonuses running but the flat fire damage from Smite is pretty small.

I am just seeing my Judgment dps. It increases to 13974 after a melee hit and 16694 after I cast smite alone. But if I cast smite AND melee attack, it still goes to 16694 like I never melee attacked.