Rahyeh Still Overtuned

I give up. Eight times I’ve attempted this fight with 50% void resist and 800 health and the one shot kill mechanics in the Rahyeh fight are simply not fun. One misstep and you’re dead and with the reduced damage bosses are taking the fights take even longer so now you have an even higher chance of getting one shot by his overtuned one shot kill bullshit.

Every single attack he has can be 100% avoided. Void resist helps as a crutch, but is largely unnecessary. Focus on dodging his strafing attack and the pie chart dance. Those are the two most damaging attacks he has. The bubbles and bombs he drops hurt but won’t one shot you.

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Uh bullshit on the dive bombs not one shotting you as I literally got one shot by it an hour ago from full to dead. The timing on the dive bomb telegraph and pie chart dance telegraph needs to be increased flat out. And yes every attack can be avoided but do you really think a one shot on a misstep is fun or engaging to play? The telegraphing is wonky as hell too. I couldn’t get out of a dive bomb telegraph with 34% run speed boots. That’s fucking ridiculous. Dude I killed Inferno Diablo before he got nerfed, have the flag, and the achievements. Pre-nerf Diablo was better balanced then the Rahyeh fight.

You’re entitled to your opinion. I think Rahyeh is the best of the new fights because it’s skill based and requires unique movement. If you cannot figure it out or aren’t having fun, you can skip him entirely and continue on your journey through the level 62 monolith and then across to the level 80 (thereby avoiding Rahyeh).


Being one shot by a dive bomb isn’t an opinion. Abomination requires unique movement, but a misstep doesn’t one shot you (anymore). The God Hunter requires a unique movement, but a misstep doesn’t one shot you… See the pattern yet? I have no problems seeing the pattern to avoid the damage, what I have a problem with is that it’s not properly telegraphed with enough time to react and a misstep shouldn’t be an instakill.

I did Rahyeh last night on my 74 Druid Spriggan form

856 HP, 61% Void Resistance, 100% Glancing Blows, 41% block/700on block

Fight is fine until he does the ‘Cross attack’ which cannot be dodged at it hits too fast and Spriggan has no movement skill, but I can survive this - then he puts a circular AoE on me which I couldn’t get out of in time and 100% one shot me

After work ill get back to him and craft a weapon that give T5 Void Protection and im predicting I will get one shot no matter what my Void res actually is

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Perhaps focus on movement speed instead of void resistance?

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None of you are giving the boss frenzy/haste or cooldown reduction are you? This game is really bad at communicating that unique and rare is not separate as it is in other games, rather it has rare enemies that are unique. So I keep seeing people stacking those mods because its a cake walk until you hit the boss.


I’ve personally found the fight pretty fair, though I’ve only fought him with my Lich and Mage-only build (so no mastery, which I do for the kicks) and I also use a controller.

My Lich isn’t very tanky (no resists, but has 100% GB & CA and 55% Dodge) though Reaper form definitely helped in that fight with the Reaper’s attack that is basically a movement skill + Transplant which made dodging the attacks a lot easier.

The Mage has a few more defenses (52% Void, 100% GB & CA and 66% Dodge) but I’m also only a Mage…so the fight definitely took some time to complete (crit’ing for 200 damage). Using Teleport and ~20% movement speed you learn his attacks and avoid all the big ones. I definitely got really good at picking my moments to attack and knowing what to evade…and when to press the ‘ohh shit’ button that is Flame Ward. :smile:

Of all the boss fights thus far, it has felt the most rewarding for sure.

This is a really good point. Any of these bosses can be made exponentially harder based on the modifiers you’ve accumulated up until the boss. Some modifiers, like frenzy/haste & cooldown reduction, will make Rahyeh’s attacks much faster and thus harder to evade.


For one single attack? nah.

even Path of Exile doesn’t force that shit on you. IE only one way to solve this problem

Dunno some Monoliths say ‘RARE’ monsters not bosses. If the map mods are affecting these bosses then then they…shoudlnt

Infact every monolith on the lead up to Rahyeh was giving me the option of ‘96% more void damage’ so its either void damage or more crit chance or I can choose 100% more HP or maybe lets give him glancing blow chance

Mods affecting bosses is so stupid, PoE does it in some areas and its just retarded

If you break down the balance so far of this game from the players here -

  • 50% damage reduction is mandatory on 100% of all hits

  • Your resist is too low even if its 60%

  • If your dodge isn’t 60% it should be

  • Your HP value is worthless - even if its 1100 its too low

  • You also need capped movement speed to dodge even a standard bosses wind up attack

If you fail one of these criterias you will get one shot by a boss 17 levels lower than you.

What is your Glancing Blow and Crit Avoidance? that is more important than Void prots. if both of those are capped which they should be before this fight. you should be able to take at least 2 hits. and with 800 life bring that down bc that is way too much to have a good enough amount of sustained to bounce back instantly like you might need too. your health should be about 600 or so.

Have you not seen the videos of this boss being beaten without gear?

Gear isn’t the problem. The problem is not dodging mechanics.

I spent 12 hours the first day of patch wiping to Rahyeh - so, I get it.
But, once you’ve killed this boss once, on one character… You will kill this boss in one attempt on all of you others - and then it will feel too easy.

Please, bosses do not need to be nerfed anymore.


It is unclear what modifiers will affect bosses and what won’t, greater clarity from the game would be appreciated so we can make more informed decisions @Sarno.

Yeah, you need to choose the modifiers well. If you’ve got 100% crit avoidance, increased crit chance as a monolith modifier is a freebie, dodge is cancer while armour/protections equal to a % of their hp makes the boss fight painfully slow (especially since they got their hp buffed & their base armour/protections nerfed!), as does glancing blow to a lesser extent. If a boss runs after you (Abomination), haste or movement speed would be bad, but it’ll be fine for something like Rahyeh who doesn’t, whereas Rahyeh would be somewhat harder if it had cooldown reduction or (probably) cast speed.

You not liking them doesn’t make them retarded or a bad idea, the devs intend them to make the fights harder & give us some choices, but as I mentioned above, the information needs to be clear so that we can make informed decisions.

Yeah, no.

I was able to run out of the divebombs/big circle-y thing with 17% movement speed from gear/passives (Paladin, so I’m working to max the movement speed buff at the top of the passive tree). I was able to do it on the second attempt, after having watched a video & chatted with a friend, but on the first attempt I was stupid & ran on a non-shortest path through the DoT line Rahyeh puts down, even though I knew it would do lot of damage (and isn’t a hit so Sigil’s of Hope wouldn’t help). I didn’t “manage” the particularly well, but with a shield, ~1,700 EHP to void (probably ~2.5k on blocks), 17% movement speed, no dodge (block ftw), low 60%s void protection & a lot of added health as monolith choices (no damage ones, maybe a crit chance one), it wasn’t too bad.

It’s a skill check, not a gear check, some skills can help avoid **** ups (eg, Sigil of Hope’s node that consumes a Sigil & heals you, Reaper form), but as my raid leader always said, don’t stand in the **** Llama, dead DPS don’t do any DPS.

Respect the mechanics above all things (which is a fancy way of saying, don’t stand in shit you know is going to hurt), do DPS when you can.

Speed is life. Be Lightning McQueen, not Filmore.


Could you clarify what dive bomb is?
What i remember from the fight he has small aoe slam when he dissapears from the arena and a large one. For the former you have time to just run away without any speed increase. And for the latter i would suggest position yourself close to him for the most of the fight and run behind him when he charges it up, or just use movement skill.
When he uses pie chart attack - stand close to the center of arena.
Meteors shouldnt be a problem, they have huge enough delay.



Please, for the love of God, please please stop making these kind of requests. Nerf boss X because I can’t overcome it. The bosses are already so UNDERTUNED that it hurts my brain. I mean honestly, these bosses don’t even have complicated mechanics, it’s literally just move out of AoE and you’re fine.

God damn, I finished empowered Rahyeh timeline at lvl 80 something on a melee VK of all things. I just had to move and not facetank dps 24/7.

Please stop nerfing this game.



I wish there were more mechanical bosses; also the kind of who would gradually speed up or make their mechanics more complex with every phase so the player could beat the boss on the first attempt if they really put some brain fuel in it.


That is actually a bad way to deal with that mechanic. At first i also though i understood the mechanic and wanted to deal with it the way you stated. But if you stay close to him he will do that thing repeatedly and without huge movement speed you cant circle around him multiple times.

The correct way to deal with it is do run away from him, he will stop casting that abilitiy several times in a row as soo nas you are far enough away.

So overall for the whole fight my experience is that you just need good amount of movementspeed OR a movemen skill for just 2 mechanics, the DoT Line thingy and the big aoe slam that follows you if you run around him.

All other mechanics can be dealt with with basic movementspeed without the use of any movement skill.

No that’s not stupid, it’s called choice.
Sometimes both choices are particular bad for your build but still you can choose how hard a fight will be.

And in case you accumulated bad modifiers for a certain boss you are not forced to take the Boss Quest Echo as soon as it appears, you can continue run normal echoes until you encounter the boss echo with less dangerous modifiers.

First of putting HP and protections into different categories doesnt make sense, since they effectively do the same in this game. You either have high hp or high protections or a mix of both. in the current state low hp/high protections is generally more favored.

From you statement it sounds like you need hp, protections AND dodge, which is simply not true, for no build at all. Dodge can be a usefull secondary defense, but since how it caps out in this game it’s no reliable lifesaver, it’s most usefull for trash mobs and lots of small hits to not bring you below 1-shot threshold.

Also you need some movementspeed(like 30-40%) OR a movement skill to deal with all the mechancis currently present in the game. Movementskill is always saver, sicne with just movementspeed for certain mechanics you need to have very good reflexes.

Also i am not sure why so many people try to argue around the whole enemy level thing. Just because enemies are below your characters level doesnt mean they are harmless. They mostly have a lot less health and do minimal less damage. But lethal abilities stay lethal.


so i did the math for Rahyahs attacks compared to lagon, (a level 51 boss) abomination (a level 55 boss) and god hunter (a level 62 boss) to create a curve for what the average damage output of a level 68 boss should be, and it revealed that he is dealing about 120% too much damage on the high end, and about 80% too much damage on the low end (i’d link the curve chart but i can’t for the life of me figure out how to change a jpg into an accepted file type)