Rahyeh briefly disappeared

Rahyeh decided to go away for an extended period of time after doing the straight line attack. He disappeared for a good 20+ seconds.

Thankfully he came back so I could finish the fight.

This was on empowered Black Sun. As you can see in the clip, he was nearly, but not quite, defeated when this happened.

What are your stats, do you have any stun/freeze/fear/etc? Do you still have the log file from that run to upload?

Chill and slow are my debuffs, yes. I didn’t think about the log file last night, as I went to bed right after I posted this, but it seems that I don’t have the information.

I’ve seen information about certain debuffs causing him to not perform certain abilities, though I’ve not seen him effectively refuse to return for :20-:25.

Yeah, that’s generally fear & possibly stun/freeze, chill & slow shouldn’t be an issue.

Full disclosure, I also have shock, though I doubt that’s a factor since it’s a debuff to defenses rather than movement. Blind is in there too, though it’s more incidental with Smoke Bomb.

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