Rahyeh and Heorot not spawning

[Log File](Player.log (40.5 KB)
Player-prev.log (230.5 KB)

Rahyeh and Heorot not spawning during the quest Rahyeh’s Warpath so I cannot survive their battle and continue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this means I am completely unable to progress in the game.

I’ve re-entered the zone multiple times both by trecking back to the entrance, and by portalling out. I tried dieing on purpose, relogging to the character screen, and validating the local game files.

Screenshot of me in the arena with no bosses:


That’s not the zone where the fight between Rahyeh and Heorot takes place, that looks like the zone you arrive in the Divine era in.

You’re right, I’m being incredibly dumb and blind. I have now progressed, thank you!

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