(Rah Heo Gon) Trinity of Elements please help me :)!

First off i love the idea around the runemaster class.
Iam really suprised with how cool and versatile this class is.
In the promo i saw Trinity elements so i whas intrigued of trying it.
I fully scaled Elemental damage and damage over time on the passives and on my gear.

The problem:
Single target is meh in my build despite damage overtime investment (could me my mistakes!)
AOE is fine but is starting to fall off in higher monos
The intervals i pretty big so iam suprised with the damage output as it is.
Scaling cast speed (so it toggles faster in circles) doesnt seem to help much outside of the passive skill (i did test with some higher numbers but i might be missing something).

Please help! :slight_smile:

My build:

I do have ignite chance but not to much.
Could somebody help me out with idea’s. Iam fully aware that my build might just be bad.
Iam not bashing on the skill itself, i love the skill. To me it feels like it does way less damage than certain other skills but again that might be my own build mistake!

Also if you got any other cool idea’s please share it! Iam looking to something new since trinity isnt working out for me. If someone has the golden answer i will play it of course!

I use brand of deception (elemental pen for dmg overtime), orders imposition and celestial doom for extra damage overtime and more damage for damage overtime.
I have a well rolled wand with spell damage, damage overtime and chance to ignite.
This could be upgraded later on (iam level 75) with a staff so i got more flat damage.

Some noteworthy passives:

The key things on runic invocation passive is:

  1. 3/3 runeslinger
  2. every more damage node
  3. Author of arcana
  4. Immutable order, so i do have a long cooldown.
    This skill isnt stackable so for me its fine its not that many seconds in between after the skill is finished.
  5. I used the elemental penetration unique gloves, that helped somewhat but not enough.


What do you use as filler skill?
Trinity of Elements does not hit, so all your Ignite chance does not really bring much to the table if you don’t have a reliable skill to apply hits.
Also Brand of Deception only applies on hit if you use a 15 mana lightning skill.

Can you post an LE Tools link for your character? That’ll make it easier for everyone to help give suggestions.

Spoiler Alert

ANNNNDDDDDDDD…it just so happens, it’s now easier to do than ever. :smiley:

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I use disintigrate as a filler skill and as a skill to get the runes. I also use Flame Rush to trigger the invocation and as another way to get runes.
Last but not least i use flameward (cold so it can get the trinity of elements) and glyph of dominion for more damage for disintigrate.

I didnt invest ignite much so iam glad with your reply.

Trinity of Elements does all the elements and has all the elemental tags, lightning included.
Doesnt this work properly?

is there an easy way to export my character to it or do i have to remake it in there?

So basically everythign you use except Flame Rush doesn’t hit :smiley:

All your on hit things (like Brand and Ignite) are worthless^^

Thats true :slight_smile: that whas the point of my build. i wanted to go damage over time since i liked trinity of elements. I dont get what you mean with Brand is useless. The passives states it boost damage overtime, it should scale the damage overtime part of Trinity of elements right?
Am i missing something?

Brand of deception states it grands elemental damage over time penetration, thats why i took it for trinity.

Brand of Deception Passive effect is good.

But how do you trigger the Brand of Deception proc?
Do you have Flame Rush converted to lightning?

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Letools just updated and now allow to import your character from. Online


Flame Rush is fire still. I thought i could trigger it with either glyph of dominion (lightning) or trinity of elements with lightning tag in it.

The tooltip specifically states on hit, so Trinity of Elements will not trigger it.

Glyph of Dominion will trigger it, but only at the end with the explosion.

Since you are focused on DoT, you want Glyph of Dominion to last as long as possible because the DoT portion is what is the most valueable for you.

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thanks for the explanation!