Ragdol physics need to be working for all enemies

I don’t understand why some enemies have ragdoll implemented and some just use predefined animations or go “puff”. Seeing how much people are playing Path of Exile it might be only me but I wonder what community thinks about that. Especially after Diablo 4 I just cannot look at static animations and stiff bodies that don’t react with environment.

The game has had issue with ragdoll animations in the past and the devs confirmed that there was a problem with some of the original 3d models used where ragdolling was causing bizzare animations and visual problems - unfortunately the issue was inherited on any models whose bases were copied from those original models.

It is very likely that your observations may be related to this specific issue and possibly the fact that the game has a lot of modelling & animations that have been included over a long timeperiod (years) - i.e. the older animations & models may be janky or “plain” compared to the newer 0.9+ ones and the devs just havent updated the older ones yet.

TLDR; I expect that the devs would get to things like this when they have dealt with all the other more important issues first.

I hope so, in any case the ragdolls that are present at this time in Last Epoch are good enough for me, but they add a lot to combat experience in my opinion so I hope we can see all enemies eventualy redone to incorporate that.

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