Racial Slurs in Chinese channels

I haven’t been on the Chinese channel for a while, and when I did today, I realized that that chat is infested by racial slurs in Chinese.

The sentinel class is refered to as “the n word” because sentinel is a black character.

Since the slurs are “spelled” in Chinese, they are not filtered by the system. Still, these words can still be easily filtered out as long as the devs know about them.
Here are some examples of how the n word is spelled in Chinese (All of these examples are pronounced exactly like the n word):


I’m from China and this is not how I want my community to be represented in this game, so I hope the devs can do something with it.


Yeah, this is the problem you get when you don’t have anyone that speaks the language.

Pretty sure everyone (most) of the people in the channel do… that’s why they are there? :stuck_out_tongue:

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If EHG have people that can fluently read colloquial Chinese, im sure they would be either moderating the Chinese chat or have included offensive words in the chat filter.

I know your “anyone” was referring to EHG. I was just having fun with you.

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Not allowed here. This is a forum. What is wrong with you?

(Also having fun lol)

I know. :slight_smile:

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The chat mods all speak English and chat is still infested with vulgarity.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are taking steps to improve our chat moderation in all languages. This does not reflect our values.

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