Race to orobyss! -- Community event on july 3rd

Hey! This 3rd of July I’m gonna be hosting a race. The objective of the race is to kill orobyss in HCSSF. The participants for this race are LizardIRL, NagTV, DannyCarnage and Binashole (entries closed). The event will take place at 14:00 GMT (subject to change based on racer schedules).

– Event Rules –

*Hardcore solo self-found

*All classes allowed

*First player to kill Orobyss wins

*Race starts when countdown reaches 0:00

*Race ends when the last player’s Orobyss dies

*First player to slay Orobyss wins $50 (USD) and a copy of Last Epoch to give away

*Second player to slay Orobyss wins a copy of Last Epoch to give away

*Third and fourth player to slay Orobyss win a place in our hearts

– F.A.Q. –

Q: Why hardcore?

A: Since this is the first race, no one really knows what the best strategy is, which means there could be huge gaps between them making the race very uneven and softcore could exacerbate this problem. Also some of the participants are avid speedrunners in softcore which might give others an unfair disadvantage.

Q: Why invitation only?

A: It’s very difficult to choose a fair way of qualifying players. The current competitors have a varied skill-set which means qualifying through arena waves or speedrun times would end up losing us great contenders to the race, and qualifying through commmunity voting means good players with a small fan-base might not have as big of a chance of participating. For now, invitations seem to be the way to go.

Q: Is there a way to contribute to the prize pool?

A: Not for this race, but for future ones there 100% will be. Although I’m pretty confident about the event, I’d rather have people contribute to an event they’ve seen before and are familiar with, without much chance of technical difficulties or any other avoidable issues that will be ironed-out after the “pilot” race. Stick around!

Q: Where can we watch it?

A: On Twitch: Twitch

On Facebook: Facebook

Countdown: Create a Countdown Clock


Count me in. (If you are still allowing more participants)

I will probably not be a major contestant, but i will at least bring some Hipster Build to the Table :smiling_imp:

A few more questions:
How will this be tracked? To participants need to provide proof?
Will characters need a specific tag in their name?

Unfortunately for the first tournament I have to keep it down to 4 players (invitation only).
This is because It allows me and Fitz to cast all 4 racers at once on stream; in the future I plan on making some kind of qualifier and possibly allowing more than 4 racers at a time. We’ll see how the “pilot event” turns out first!

Ok, no problem.

But i think you should make that more clear^^
I get the “invitation only” part, but i somehow still thought you may can register and might get an invite

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Edited to make it more clear. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Lets gooo :slight_smile:

@LizardIRL you got this <3

To be precise, Orobyss is not is the game yet, but we can fight the Shade of Orobyss. :wink:
Nice race, might be fun!


Looking forward to watching this.

Great to see community members stepping up and giving us content, such as this race and VisionGL with his tournies.

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Shhhhh no one has to know. I’ll sneakily rename the next races.

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Thanks for putting this event on Additional Baker! I just finished my first test run and although on the one hand my time was kinda slow, on the other hand it was my first time playing HC and my first Orobyss kill so you have to start somewhere! Now just need to get faster…

Looking forward to seeing what builds and strategies the other racers go with!

Very cool that you guys are doing this - we appreciate you all banding together to do cool stuff with the community. We’ll definitely tune in

We plan to frequently have official races in the future as well :+1:


Would be nice to know your specific qualifications you are choosing an the reasons why other players who arent main streamers arent being considered.

Thanks for asking!
On the first roster of players I invited some were not streamers, but those unfortunately weren’t able to stream their gameplay due to hardware/internet reasons so we wouldn’t be able to cast their gameplay during the event.
The only means I really have of gauging the skill-set of players is through either tournaments, speedruns or content that they’ve published somewhere - I’ve contacted three of our top speedrunners, two of which are participating, and about 8+ of the top 5 tournament contenders in recent events (again, two of which are participating).
In the future there might be some better way of qualifying players to participate in the event and even expand the amount of simultaneous racers, but until I know everything can run smoothly I can’t really risk casting 8 or 12 games at the same time.
It’s also worth to note that it’s not easy to keep track of all that many games at the same time - it’s harder than it looks! - so both me and our co-caster need to get a grasp of the whole thing before we venture into larger scale events.

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I understand, also this is a race, the tournaments are based on arena type activities, they require different building standards and skillsets, but I respect your reasoning. I will probably have to wait until an official race from EHG since I dont think my streams or content is big enough to be noticed. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah when i read about it on reddit i got excited ! I thought i could try to race in a game where people haven’t optimized everything yet. :stuck_out_tongue:
In the end it’s an event between 4 people that we must witness on stream, and it’s not my cup of tea. Anyway, good luck to all participants, and may the best of you win this race ! (What happens if they die ? they can start over right ?)

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I can see that being the case for a lot of people. I believe an “open” race like that will be much easier as an EHG organized event than a community organized one, since they’ll have much better means to track and verify players. That’s why I figured it’s a better idea to focus on the entertainment/content side of things (viewer-centered) than the competitive side (participant-centered).
That being said I highly recommend anyone join VisionGL’s arena tournaments, those are open for anyone to enter since it’s trackable through the arena ladder.

And yes, they’re allowed to start over, especially with an early death


Is this still on for today?

I was being asked about it in stream yesterday so I think it’s going ahead as planned

It’s almost finished now.