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r/LastEpoch - Void Knight 100% Void Damage Warpath is a thing! (thanks to

I have a Rive VK and you simply cannot get ‘100% void’ damage because every weapon in the game has significant melee physical, I use a Titan Blade which gives +90 melee phys and even stacking +Void where I can I still have less flat Void

The game needs % conversion added somewhere or im guessing the devs assume its too strong

If you want to build something interesting for VK - look at the Idols “xx% increased damage when a skill echos” this can roll up to 150% per idol and you can get 4x idols and 2x rolls on Helm/Chest for a ridiculous +900% maximum extra damage per echo - I have 4x idols and takes my Rive crits from 22-27k > 51-59k on an echo

I was going to make a VK SHield Throw with actually 100% damage converted to Void with an idol and stacking Echo damage - havent really gotten around to it

I agree that this VK warpath is going to “peak” too soon in terms of damage. I messed around a little but it just wasnt showing the numbers (I think) needed in 100+ mof.

I tried this… Its plausible and with more time and tweaking could be a “Dark Avenger” version of the Captain America build… I got side tracked with some bleed builds but may come back to it…

I actually made the char last, got to lvl 43 or something

I did some general maths on Shield Throw added damage assuming you have 3x T5 +fire on jewelry and - 2x T5 +phys on jewelry =

+10 Void and +18 from VK skill tree (28)

+30? throwing +physical Forge Guard passive - not logged in currently (30)

2 x ring and 1 amulet with +fire to throws = 14 average x 3 = (42)

2 x ring with +physical to throws = 12 x 2 = (24)

X 200% added damage to shield throw = 372 flat void as its all converted by the Idol, which can then be multiplied by a further 300-450% if the skill echos

Whereas Warpath gets 10+18+50ish from passives and a wep and that’s it…Warpath has reduced damage effectiveness from attacks as well

Mostly yes. The Forge Guard added damage is split between Siege Captain (affects every hit, +16) & Fresh from the Forge (affects every hit, +40 phys & 40 fire every 3 seconds at max points).

(28+30+42+24)*2 = 248 flat void damage using your figures (personally I’d ignore the Fresh from the Forge figure as it’s value depends on your attack speed).

Melee gets +48 (Void Blades), +40 / +40 (Fresh from the Forge, but again, lets ignore that) +88 (Sovnya implicit) + 73 (Sigils of Hope, assuming he’s keeping them up all the time) +40 (2-h melee added damage average of the T5 affix, ave t3 affix would be +232)
TLDR = 48 + 88 + 21 + 40 = 197 added damage x 60% = 99. Yes, I’ve ignored the +1 from Void Spiral (because +1).

I’m surprised he’s going for an attack speed prefix rather than a second flat damage prefix. He should be getting ~4.2 hits per second with a Sovnya and the attack speed prefix, compared to ~3.2 if he didn’t have the attack speed prefix, but he’d be hitting significantly harder with a second added damage modifier and should end up with ~8.4% higher dps. Though it depends whether I’ve got the attack speed -> hits per sec correct (I think it’s 1.47 hits per second @ 0% attack speed).

He’s then getting 120% more (Abyssal Tempest) + 30% more (Reckless Combatant) + 30% more (Whirling Blades) which gives a whopping x3.7 multiplier (2.2 x 1.3 x 1.3).

IMO, you’d probably get more damage if you dropped some points in Unchained (cost reduction) & put them into Draining Assault (another more modifier) & use Volatile Reversal more frequently to regen your mana.

But some of those you mentioned (I have no experience with Sigils as I dont like it) are flat Melee physical which depending on how you build actually scales very little - for example the Sovnya

I have a Rive VK focusing on Crit Multi/Added Void/Attack Speed/Echo damage - I am focusing on mainly Void% on the small amount of gear affixes I have free - when testing pure DPS numbers on a dummy I can actually deal more damage with an Ancient Blade (53+melee phys 47% crit multi (out of 67%) than a Titan Blade (90+melee) on my crits which is all he is built for - even a low level Doomblade giving +17 Void melee would be comparable to a Titan Blade because of the Void scaling - basically you really want to focus on Melee damage% or all% dmg as it scales all your hit damage

This will be easier to manage with tooltip DPS

I simply tripled Shield Throws damage due to 200% effectiveness to get the output and the flat damage is somewhat unreasonable to obtain unless you go glass cannon and you also need approx lvl 85-90 to have a balanced character

Llama have you looked into ‘Increased damage when a skill echos’? You can get up to 150% per idol x 4 plus I think up to 150% on helm/chest with T5 rolls. Basically reads ‘40% chance to deal up to 900% increased damage’

I don’t think it’s quite as bad as you think, the added melee phys damage is “only” missing out on the +% void damage & the void penetration from Abyssal Echoes. In the video (at ~17:10) you can see he has ~335% void damage & +120% phys damage, so missing out on that 335% isn’t a small thing, but the phys damage does still benefit from the %melee damage on echo, and all the more modifiers on the skill tree are generic more, not more void.

And on that note, I’m not sure if his build would get more dps out of a melee crit prefix compared to an attack speed prefix, given he’s getting a relatively high crit multi due to being a VK.

Yes, that’s something I’ve been ******** about since I got the game.

It’s not tripled though, it’s x2 (since 100% added damage effectiveness is a x1 multiplier).

The +150% idol (Chronophage) is echo damage, so it wouldn’t be useful for this build, but for most VK builds that may be a good way to go, even without the chest/helm affixes it’s +600%, at 40% chance, the 900% is an average damage increase of 360% (just the idols gives 240% on average). Or you can go for the Vindictive/Spiteful (increased Melee or Void damage for 4s on echo) for 380% increased melee/void damage which is up all the time (& comparable to the Chronophage idols + T5 chest & helm affixes).

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