Quotes added in post preview fail to appear in post

I have noticed this a few times now.
I put a quote in my post replying to someone else’s forum post, I then type out my reply under it. However when I actually make the post, the quote vanishes.
Most recent example is the reply I just did here: https://forum.lastepoch.com/t/pause/42353/16

I had included SirFreckle’s post as a quote at the top when I typed that out but it vanished upon posting it.

For reference, done in Chrome 92.0.4515.107 64 bit official on Win 7.

I think this is how the forum software (discourse) works… If you reply to someone and try and quote more than a small bit of it from the reply the forum software seems to auto remove the quote… I have had this happen to me before - it kept the quotes from other posts but cleared the quote from the message I was directly replying to…

No idea if this is a bug or a “feature”

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If you quote the entire post without changing it in any way, then yes, the forum software will remove the quote. If you do something to the quoted text (remove a space or add one or something) then it will keep the quote.

There’s just no good reason to quote an entire post in one block.

Not a bug.