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Quiet's Poison Big Vines (Slappy Boy) Spriggan Druid | Build Guide 0.8.4


Build Breakdown


Here we go with the Poison Big Vines Spriggan Druid Build Guide. This is my take on QuietForMe’s Slappy Boy Spriggan build, We us Vines to hit enemies and tank for us and then we have the Spriggan companion heal us while also applying poison. The summon spriggan also casts vines so we have a lot of vines going. We make use of healing totem by having it take Thorn totems tree and is deal tons of poison and heals us. This build had a really good amount of healing. We also ad Summon Scorpion into the mix with baby scorpions to make use of the added poison application.
We Empowered Orobyss in 45 seconds. The build is still alive!

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Minion Damage
Minion Melee Damage
Minion Spell Damage
Cast Speed

Critical Strike Avoidance
Resistance Cap

Build Planner

Current Build

Quiet’s OG Version

Loot Filter

If filer still can’t be past try moving the xml link to the filters folder

Slappy boy poison vines.xml (89.7 KB)


Leveling Guide

I would recommend leveling with thorn totem first and spec into poison and gearing for poison and making sure your resistances are in place for each areas damage time. go for armor and health early too. once you unlock druid and spriggan form just convert over to the current build and should be easy sailing from there


Final Thoughts

This build has survived the new update and is still going strong. Quiet is currently pushing this build in 300 plus corruption and the only difference it his is tankier mine has more damage output. both viable. I love Spriggan and can’t wait to jump into more builds with him!


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Added Quiet’s Twitch to the guide for anyone who wants to see live gameplay and ask questions about spriggan to Quiet himself as well.

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What about aura of retribution in spriggan’s tree? 8% base crit and 72% avoidance so it easily maxxed out without any investment. And swap avoidance idols for minion dot ones.


You could definitely do that. the reason we took those idols are because we are using vines to tank got us a little in empowered corruption. They don’t get crit as easily, also we get crit avoid from the passive in the druid tree since we want as much attunement as we can get. Which attunement gives our vines poison chance. You can take those options, this for me was better for my play style.

  1. Why do you choose these 2 suffixes for your weapon? Do they still affect vines like in 0.8.3, or do they serve other purposes?
  2. If I use huntersbane instead, 6 great vines shoot 18 thorns per hit (3 per vine). Vine poison chance is 300+% with high attunement. Does it mean that in 1 shooting round, the vines can apply min 54 poison stacks?

Guess you don’t quite need the base crit chance in a poison build. Also, even if you want to, there are not many sources of minion crit chance.

It was more about crit avoidance aura so we can swap avoidance idols for dot ones and fit in 1 more bleed chance idol.

And i’m thinking about going into huntersbane and picking up more minion bleed on hit affixes in chest and helmet. And we can have like 200% bleed chance.

If you know the answers to my 2 questions above, will be very nice.
For crit avoidance I use harmonious wisdom to get 80+% crit avoidance, because you will have to max attunement anyway for vines to have good % poison chance.

  1. There is only 2 minion suffixes, so it’s kinda no choice here.
    There is a minion dot suffix on axes and swords, but no cast speed. Should be better than +1 to minions for bossing. Need to test it too.
  2. Want to try it out when i get home. Should work like you described but it’s hard to notice cuz tooltip just say 15+ stacks.

Avoidance aura for minions, not for me. Reviving companions is pain . And it’s not like spriggan’s tree is great aside from healing aura (for our build).

Yes, companion dying is a real pita. In tough boss fights when that happens, I just leave them die and grind down the boss with only the vines.

And i want to try dragonflame edict. Like triple dot setup sounds juicy as hell

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