Quick-swap loadouts like D3 Armory

Hey guys, this is my first post, so please point me in the right direction if I’m making any mistakes in “Forum Formalities”.

I’m a huge fan of the game thus far. I have a busy schedule, but I’ve still managed to dump 106 hours into it! One of my favorite aspects of any ARPG is the customization of builds and playstyles. Out of the few that I have played, I feel Eleventh Hour has something really special in the way they handle their build customization. The crafting is easy to understand, modular in the most efficient ways, and very rewarding if used effectively! I can say the exact same thing about skill trees and the catch-up mechanics within them. Everything about this system encourages players to try new things. As someone who is doing their very best to play this game with no build guides, the extra time I’ve spent actually reading the passives, skill nodes, and affix descriptions has paid off!

So, I’m enjoying making builds, but it’s becoming inconvenient to have to respec the entire passive tree, swap the majority of my skills over, and trade-off my armor sets by hand each time I want to try a new build. On top of that, I have to take a picture of the skill trees and passive nodes belonging to my main build so that when I’m done testing or need to switch back I have something to reference.

I’m requesting input from the community/developers about some form of quick-swapping of load-outs. The most straightforward description I have of this feature is Diablo III’s Armory system. It would save everything I have equipped, the passive tree, and the skill trees I have to a loadout (Perhaps even Item filters too!) . Then, if I ever wanted to switch I could simply pay the fee for my passive skill tree and it would auto-equip my armor. For the Skill nodes perhaps it could highlight the nodes I used in the past so as I level them up again I know which ones I used last time!

Let me know what you guys think!

It has been suggested many times before, and I think the answer is “we (the devs) have no plan for that yet”. They don’t like saying never or being definitive.
Edit : I like the convinience but I like rerolling a new character, see what is wrong and when it’s wrong and try to fix it as my character level up and progress through monos.

The devs have always maintained that they dont want players to create builds that can be quickly swapped out based on the content they are about to run. I.e. they dont want you skilling for mob clearing and then reskilling for single target damage just before the Boss fight. This is why things like Skill points need to be re-earned when changed.

The same is true regarding passives (although to a much lesser extent) and the idea of swapping gear quickly - which can be seen with the +skill affixes on items randomnly removing points on the skill trees.

The devs havent changed this view in many years now but I have no idea if they would consider something going forward.

Regarding your screenshots of builds and remembering builds - you could use third party tools in the meanwhile to make it easier - www.lastepochtools.com has a build planner which will allow you to do this (online mode is manual but offline chars can be uploaded).


I love the idea of gear swaps. I saw it mentioned before…

Maybe what I would like instead of instant swapping builds is the chance to “Save” a build. Like you could buy a rune or a page on a book, whatever and save it. So you can go respecc, change skills, passives, try out and if you don’t like it then reload the build you were just running and the passive points were calculated, paid and placed where they were and the skill nodes maybe highlighted?
Similar to what you have on LE Builds but without having to go out to a 3rd party website.

Oh great! I’ll have to check out that build planner, that certainly fixes the picture problem. I guess my only pushback would be that it seems, to me anyway, that the “quick” in “quick-swapping” has already been bottlenecked by the skill level up system, and the gold payment for skill points. I feel there’s a level of commitment to your build that has been established already. I commend them for trusting their ideals and making the game with certain intentions, but I can’t help but feel there could at least be tools that somewhat support the ability to change and try out new things without feeling like I’m risking my time through inconvenience in doing so.

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I could absolutely seeing something like this being added after 1.0. Would make for a nice addition to the roster of features, but it’s definitely not anywhere near a priority before 1.0 launches.

Cool idea though. :slight_smile:

As someone who loves respec’ing builds many times over rather than levelling up new alts for each idea, I defintely understand the benefit of having some easier way to revert a build after messing around with something else - unfortunately I do not really see a way that they could add this kind of thing without it being severly hobbled (and made ineffective) by their desire that quick changing isnt how they want the game played.

Personally I am hoping that this kind of thing may come from third party tools like Dammits (lastepochtools) or Tunks (lastepoch.tunklab.com) through future APIs that allow more functionality. You can already copy your savegame in offline mode, try a new idea and if you dont like it revert the savegame - not quite the same but hey…

Who knows what the future may bring.

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Yup I would love this feature even if it’s not convenient or easy. I have a marksman who’s leveled and two builds I switch between depending on what I’m feeling like playing. (Jelkhor’s Shattered Lance Detonating Arrow & Shotgun Multishot)

Im fine with gear not even being included but a saved skill specialization plan and passive point plan would be great. I assume a pre-requisit to this would likely be being able to plan out your skill and passive points.

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