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Quick question re: Molten Shield and Siege Commander

Siege commander is on the FG tree and adds +2 physical damage to shield throws.

Molten Shield is on the shield throw tree and converts physical damage to fire damage.

Question: Does Molten shield convert the Siege commander damage to fire? I’m not sure if the conversion to fire damage is only within the shield throw tree, or everything that would go into shield throw e.g. the +2 damage from siege commander.

Thanks in advance.

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Sure one of the more experienced players with say for sure, but as far as I am aware, the passives apply to the skills… but the skills only apply to their OWN trees… So a passive increasing physical damage to throws does AFFECT and WILL be converted to fire by the Molten Shield node in Shield Throw. but Molten Shield node ONLY affects Shield throw.

Hope that makes sense… and happy new year.

I believe that the Molten Shield node only converts the base damage of Shield Throw, not any added damage from gear/passives. 'Cause it says it only converts base damage.

There we go… one of the experts confirmed that I may be wrong again… Lol… :wink:

What about the idol that convert shield throw damage to void damage? Will that affect any added damage to shield throw or its applied only to the base damage of the skill?

That converts everything (as it doesn’t specify that it converts base damage).

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Wow, so void knights are better at shield throw additions than FG as they can buff the damage where FG can’t. Well done devs. What is the point of FG now exactly, 2H specialists?

Not sure I’d say that. The Forge Guard has a lot more throwing attack nodes:

  • Weapon Master, 3% inc damage, 8 points (+24%)
  • Peltast, 6% damage & 6% stun, 10 points (+60%)
  • Fresh from the Forge, +4 fire & phys damage every 3 seconds, 10 points
  • Shield Breaker, phys/fire shred but also makes it cost quite a bit more, 6 points
  • Hammer & Anvil, 5% more damage, 5 points (+25% more)
  • Siege Captain, +2 phys damage, 8 points
  • Crusader, +15% crit chance, 8 points
  • Javelineer, +10% crit multi, 6 points
  • Ospryxbane, +10% damage if blocked recently, 8 points (+80%)

For a total of +16 flat phys damage, +164% increased damage, +25% more damage, 6 stacks of phys & fire shred (doubled if you have the Eruption node since that counts as 2 hits so you’ll be capped in 2 throws, at the cost of +36 mana per throw), 120% inc crit chance, 60% crit multi

And that +164% increased damage is generic, not phys/fire so you can still benefit from it if you use the idol.

Void Knight has:

  • Temporal Corruption, +2 void damage, 5 points
  • Void Bolts, +2 void damage, 8 points
  • Up to 40% chance to echo, equivalent to 40% more damage on average
  • Up to 265% increased void damage
  • Void Corruption, 1% crit multi per “level” of Void Knight, either up to 25% or up to -60-70%.

For a total of +26 flat void damage, +265% increased void damage, 40% chance to echo & anywhere up to 60-70% crit multi.

Doing a Shield Throw build as a Forge Guard can get most of the benefits that the Void Knight gets with the exception of the echos & lower crit multi from Void Corruption node. Doing a Shield Throw build as a Void Knight gets everything from the Forge Guard tree except the Javelineer/Ospryxbane nodes.

Both masteries can do a Shield Throw build well, my personal preference would be Void Knight due to the echo mechanic, not because it’s inherently “better” than a Forge Guard.

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