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Quetions about multi saves after LE officially release

I know there would be offline mode and online mode.
I know the offline saves will not be wipe at the moment, neither can it play multi in the future.
I know that when Multi-playing is up, players need to create online saves to play the online mode and doing multiplaying, and those on/offline modes’ saves are separated.

So my quetion is:
Will these very online saves I am going to create for multiplaying which is up in the next few versions be wiped after the game actually and officially release with “circles”?

I am hoping those early multi- saves created during multi-test(be up later this year or early 2022) will be able to play in non-circle mode even after the game release.

Which also means, there will be "offline"mode, “online non-circles” mode, and “online circle” mode, and they all separate. Will it?

Yes. it is exactly as you guessed. You Early MP characters don’t get wiped, but separated at release to have everybody a new start.

thanks man!