Quests that give Passive Points

Continuing the discussion from List of places we can get passive skills from quests thread!:

Since the last update to that post, an additional 2 quests that reward passive points are available for a total of 12 passive points from quests.

Quest Points Main Quest? Starting Zone
The Void Assault 1 Yes Council Chambers
Armoury Aid 1 No The Armoury
Erza’s Ledger/Artem’s Offer 1 No Council Chambers
Pannion’s Students 1 No The Last Archive
The Lesser Refuge 2 No Council Chambers
The Sane Cultist 1 No Ruins of Welryn
The Immortal Empire 1 Yes The Outcast Camp
A Study in Time 1 No The Outcast Camp
The Admiral’s Dreadnought 1 Yes Imperial Dreadnaught
The Oracle’s Aid 1 Yes The Oracle’s Abode
The Desert Waystation 1 Yes Titan’s Canyon

Last updated: 2019-05-16T14:00:00Z BETA 0.7.0F


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