Quests bugged in monolith

Hey, so far this happened to a few other ppl as well.

The problem is that this bug occurs randomly and I don’t know how it happens.
So for it happens when I’m just going through the monolith round and when you kill the last mob to complete the quest, Some times it won’t update the quest and you forced to leave it and start again from 0 rounds.

This can happen in normal instances or in the quest instances of the monolith. and the devs can’t find how this bugs happen so this is why I’m making this thread for the devs to try and find it to fix the bug.

Please if you had the same problem like this then share your log file of your game session it happen in.

please help the devs so they can fix it thanks. :slight_smile:

Player.log (2.4 MB) Player-prev.log (21.4 KB)

Sorry about this! Could you please provide screenshots where this happens? Have you seen this in multiple quest echoes?

These systems are generally working, but it sounds like there are a few particular spots that have issues. Screenshots will help us find them faster. Thanks!

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