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Questions regarding build creation and content creation

Hello everyone,

i’d be interested in creating my own build. However i still have some questions.

  1. How hard is it to create a build? Is the entry barrier relatively low, or is making a build a difficult task to tackle?
  2. Are there currently skills that haven’t been explored much? I’d like to create something unique (if possible).
  3. Are there any unique items that haven’t been explored much?
  4. Is there any build idea in general you could recommend?
  5. I’ve been thinking about trying out a black hole build, can that skill be viable or fun?

I also have been thinking about creating youtube videos about Last Epoch. The videos i’d like to do would be build diaries, where i try out a build idea and talk about the successes and failures of creating that build and general opinion videos about game.
Since i want the builds i deem successful and which i would recommend to be actually good, i’d have the question of what makes a build good in the first place? Is there a damage per second number that’s considered high damage? And what about survivability? What type of content should the build survive to be considered tanky or squishy?
I don’t really care if these videos would get many views btw, i just really like Last Epoch and want to talk about it :smiley: . So if i just get 10 views, or 1 like, at least someone listened to my exited ramblings about LE, which would be enough in my book ^^

All answers are highly appreciated!

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Hi Atlas! Love your idea on doing ‘build diaries’. It could be a really interesting window into the thought process of someone who’s trying to make a build. If you have any questions about making vids for LE feel free to reach out. As far as your five questions, here are my thoughts:

  1. It’s a relatively low barrier to make a build, but it takes quite a bit of knowledge and experience to optimize it. But if you’re not looking to min/max right out of the gate, you should be able to find some viable builds pretty quickly. The skill trees are set up in a very intuitive way and itemization isn’t as crazy complex as PoE.
  2. Not really. We have a pretty active theory crafting community so every skill has been explored in some capacity. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t hidden builds out there though with interactions we haven’t discovered yet. There’s a lot of depth in the skill trees and the interplay between skills.
  3. Similar answer to 2
  4. Depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a tried and true build there are many. If you’re looking for something unique and relatively unexplored, that’s going to be a lot harder to recommend, since any recommendation will likely come from experience.
  5. I haven’t seen any good black hole damage builds for a long time. The skill is very old at this point and probably needs a rework. It does, however, have some utility for other builds.

Thank you for your detailed answer!
I’m happy to hear that the barrier to make a build is relatively low. That way, i can just start somewhere and improve from there. Learning by doing fits the “build diary” idea pretty well.
If black hole isn’t the best skill and pretty weak damage wise, i think i’m going to stray away from it for now. If my first build is utterly unusable, that would only be demotivating. My plan for now is to find a build/skill that i think is pretty cool and maybe a bit unexplored, and try to put my own spin on it.
I don’t know when i’m going to actively start making videos, but i’ll probably come back to your offer for video creation help ^^
This really helped me out a lot, thanks!


I know @perrythepig has done something akin to a build diary recently, where he goes into the theorycrafting process of some builds, usually featuring some niche interaction. I definitely love that format and there is a ton of space for more of it in LE!

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That sounds nice, i’ll definitely check that person out soon. Thanks for your answer!

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