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Questions from new player

Hey guys

Just got few questions as I just have not too many hours into game yet :).

So my character is 69 lvl (nice), and of course I done main quests (I think) now only quest left is: ‘Monolith: Fall of the Outcasts’’. In ‘end of time’ I there are 7 regions.
Mine look like this:

  1. How to unlock region like ‘the black sun’; ‘the stolen lance’ etc?
  2. After I reach end of time (around when I chose mastery for class) can I just skip rest of main quest and just level at Monolith - or I do need do main quest?
  3. How to increase level zone in region (like ‘Fall of the outcast’) in End Of Time? I’m 69 level, and feel painfull to level at 55-58 zone. I can see my zone ‘level up’ when I fight boss of corruption. But can I just set it for 70 or higher before?

Feel free to answer even one question - as LE is new for me, but I love it :slight_smile:

  1. you run the first monolith to kill abomination 2 times, 1st time unlocks the 60 and the 2nd time unlocks 65 (or vice versa) depending on which one you pick first. This involves doing 2 sets of 3 quest echoes.
  2. After the first time you can but do not recommend it unless you have the damage and resistances to survive. I have started MoF as low as 37 before so it’s not impossible.
  3. Once you unlock the end boss monoliths you then go to the bridges that connect to that platform click on them, then the stone bridge will form connecting the next monolith.

Hey there,

welcome to the LE Community!

  1. When you finish all Quest Echoes within a Timeline (in your case the Fall Of The Outcasts), you get dialog options to unlock the next timeline.
    Some Timelines even have 2 different options.
    You can Unlock either The Black Sun or The Stolen Lance, when you defeat the boss (3rd Quest Echo).

  2. You can theoretically do that, bug MoF has a fixed Area Level, so that will be pretty difficult, but it’s doable. But you will miss Idol Slots and Passive Point Unlocks from the Story.

  3. All Timeliens have a fixed Area Level, we currently have lvl 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 and 3x lvl 90 timelines for normal. On empwoered all timelines are lvl 100. Also increasing corruption does increase the enemies level in normal timeliens up to a cap.

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