Questions About VK Echo Mechanic

Hey All,

I tried to search around for more information about the VK Echo Mechanic. However, it is really difficult to do considering the Abyssal Echoes skill exists, and the relevance of that term to monoliths… Anyway, I have a few mechanics questions:

  • Do on hit effects applies to enemies get applied by echoed skills? My assumption is yes.

  • Do bonuses that apply to your character trigger from on hit/on kill effect? For example, % chance fo gain a Void Essence, leech, mana gained on hit/skill use, etc.

  • Does the damage get duplicated unless otherwise stated? That is, does a damage reroll take place for each hit; do other chance based mechanics, like critical strikes, roll separately?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Not entirely sure tbh.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Regarding the second part, I think rolls are separate, but not sure. A long time ago I played a build that used the mechanic where Void Cleave guarantees a critical strike with Erasing Strike. I combined that with the Erasing Strike mechanic that guarantees an echo for 60 mana. The echo version would not be a crit unless I used Void Cleave again (I had +1 charge), then it guaranteed the crit for the echo as well. Still, I don’t know if this says anything about the roll itself.

I play an echo based void knight. On hit effects such as health/void leech and such definitely proc on echoes. Basically it seems that an echo is, for purposes on hit/effects/&c, functionally the same as hitting the target yourself with the attack.

Thats because it is.

I mean, yeah, that’s what I said?

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Yes, every echo rolls %-chances individually.

So all of the following would roll on each echo

  • +/- 25% hit damage variance
  • ailment application
  • crit chance

Haven’t played a VK for a long time. Are Warpath Echos now working with the more dmg on echo idols or is warpath still the exeption of the rule?