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Questions about Static Orb's smaller orbs

Hi :slight_smile:

  1. Do the small orbs from node Scatter Blast do the same amount of hit damage as the big orb (just without the explosion)? Unfortunately, putting points into the node does not change the displayed DPS and the node itself does not have such a tool tip.
  2. Are the small orbs also affected by Overcharged Detonation? It mentions the orb doing more damage (not the explosion), so maybe it affects the small orbs, too?


I’ve been playing a lightning Sorcerer lately and toying around with multiple iterations of Static Orb, so I’ll attempt to answer your questions.

  1. I believe the answer is yes. If you aim in a certain way, the smaller orbs can miss small hit-box mobs when they arc outwards from the main orb barrelling down the middle. DPS increases drastically with Scatter Blast, even when paired with Ball Lightning (90% to not explode).

  2. My testing indicates yes as the smaller orbs no longer pierce with Overcharged Detonation.

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Your comment about the piercing inspired me to test with the dummy. By aiming to one side of it, only the explosion hits, so I can see its damage. By aiming behind it, the orb explosion/tendril hit is delayed, so I can clearly see the orb hit damage. And similarly, by aiming in a certain way, I can isolate the hit of a small orb. I used the gloves that prevent critical strikes and averaged ten damage numbers each to reduce variance a bit. These are my observations:

  1. The explosion hits for almost three times as much damage as the orb. Depending on the distance to the explosion center, this may be a bit more or less. I assume that Manacharged and Open Circuit affect both orb and explosion damage (I did not remove the points in those nodes).
  2. The tendrils that hit enemies outside of the explosion area hit for at least the same damage as the explosion itself. I see slightly higher numbers, maybe because it always bases the damage on a max range explosion (but this is speculation and could also be explained by the small sample size).
  3. A small orb does the same amount of damage as the regular orb.
  4. Overcharged Detonation does not increase the damage of the explosion or the tendrils (which fits this node’s description, even though its title may suggest otherwise).
  5. Overcharged Detonation does increase the damage of the small orbs (by the correct amount).
  6. The DPS tooltip seems to only consider the main orb hit and not the explotion, tendrils, or small orbs. Why do I think so? Because it does not change if you put points into Scatter Blast (small orbs), but changes by the percentage specified by Overcharged Detonation (in my case 132% due to 44 Mana cost), which should be lower if it would also factor in the explosion that is not affected by the node.

I also have a question about Static Orb, but about the Static Ground node.
More precisely, I was stunned by the information from this site Static Orb Skill
If you look at the description of Static Ground, Spark Nova is indicated there and I don’t quite understand if it is really used in Static Ground or some kind of error.

If used, then what kind of damage is taken into account, DoT or Nova, which is considered a hit.

Charged Ground “casts” Spark Nova in the affected area for a duration. If you hover over the sub-skill icon from Tunk’s site you’ll see the tags that the Spark Nova has - spell, DoT, but apparently not lightning, which is odd. Therefore the Spark Nova/Charged Ground can’t hit and therefore can’t crit.

@Reimerh_QArts Should the Charged Ground have the lightning tag as well?

This confused me. When I hover over the icon and see the parameters, it shows Charged Ground and there is a pillbox, spell. Everything is clear here.

But below is a description of Spark Nova, and there is already a 5% crit chance and hit. It is this honor that I do not understand.
That is, the contradiction in the DOT in the indication of Charged Ground and the hit in the indication of Spark Nova.