Questions about some mechanics

  1. How endurance works with one-shot slams?

Character have 1000 hp, 500 endurance threshold, endur 50%. All of this making ehp = 1250. So, if character get 1 hit for 1200 damage, will he stay alive?

  1. Does “increased damage” double dip?

When i get “increased damage” bonus, on character screen it applies to all types of damage. But most skills in game are multiple damage tags (fire, melee for example). So will it apply multiple times? Or it’s just some sort of a bug?

Well, others may correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe your answers are as follows:

  1. Yes, the character will survive, as per your example, with 50 HP (or 75 EHP) left, unless resistances make any further adjustments to the damage taken, further reducing it (the damage taken) and leaving the character with more health.

  2. Yes, the different tags double dip, and no it’s not a bug, it’s intended. For example, both crit chance and spell crit chance will affect the crit chance of any skill with the “spell” tag, but “Melee Crit Chance” will not affect it, unless it also has a “melee” tag.

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From the Game Guide:

In your example; 1,000 health with 500 Endurance Threshold & 50% Endurance taking a hit for 1,200 damage, would be 1000 health - 500 unmitigated damage = 500 health with 700 remaining damage to be reduced by your Endurance Threshold.

700 * 0.5 = 350 damage taken from the remaining 500 hp. So yes, the character survives with 150 health remaining (disregarding all other defensive mitigations).

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That’s actually the opposite of how it works. The apparent double dipping is on the character screen only. Any global damage modifiers will be added in to all of the specific lines on the character sheet so that if you are focussed on one of those specific damage types you can see how much of a modifiers you have. But when the game calculates damage dealt it will only apply the global modifiers once.

Edit: Andrew’s damage calc is a little bit off. The unmitigated part is correct, but for the damage taken under the threshold you take 700 x 50% = 350 damage, leaving 150 hp.

Try not to get caught up in the “ehp” thing because that’s not what is actually used.


No, that’s not how it works.

Of the 1,200 damage, the first 500 (taking the player’s hp down from 1,000 to the threshold of 500) is unmitigated. Any damage dealt to hp below the threshold is then mitigated. So the remaining 700 damage (1,200 - 500 = 700) is then mitigated at the 50% the OP mentioned. The Endurance threshold is a health threshold, not a damage threshold.

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Thanks for clearifying this. I also thought it would double dip.

Yes, you’re correct. That’s what I originally thought in one of my edits last night… Though I seem to have convinced myself I was doing it wrong and changed it. I need a coffee.

Not sure what I was thinking, tbh.

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