Questions about Rahyeh from Black Sun timeline

With the exception of Majasa phase 2 I haven’t had many issues with bosses. That changed when I hit Rahyeh. I can dodge the AE’s for a while but eventually I get hit and it kills me very fast if not 1 shot.

I feel like the problem is my DPS is very low on this boss because I’m constantly having to move which is bad for my main damage ability (channeling Elemental Nova) and the boss is constantly moving which is also bad for my backup damage ability (Volcanic Orb). Because of these factors the boss health moves down so slowly and I just can’t keep dodging AE’s for so long without making a single mistake or misjudgment.

My instinct is to just grind more to get more levels/gear but I fear that due to the above factors that may not help me much. I tried equipping a Woven Flesh unique for the 100% crit avoidance but I still died very quickly when I slipped up. Does anyone have any insight into this fight that would be helpful?

For reference the timeline is level 66 and my Sorc is level 71 and I don’t really have any special gear to speak of. Mostly just rare stuff that has been crafted. My resists are maxed. I have 939 HP, 251 Endurance Threshold and 380 mana. As mentioned I’m using Elemental Nova (default trio elements) as my primary DPS with Volcanic Orb. Also using Flame Ward, Teleport and Focus. Any tips, suggestions or info is appreciated!

Rahyeh, the Black Sun is definitely a very mechanical boss, especially for how early you encounter it in the Monolith Progression.

You can defintiely do this fight without getting hit once, if you learn the fight.

But having enough defenses and sustain, so you can survive one hit and quickly heal back up again defintiely gives you more room for errors.

Resistances are good and all, but they are only one of many factors regarding your defenses.

Do you use any ward in your build? Because if not, your HP is most definitely too low.
You also listed endurance threshold, which is not really important if you haven’t really invested into %Endurance.
I know you listed Flame Ward as an active skill, but do you use it for Ward or for the generic damage reduction?

You always have 20% of your Maximum Health as Endurance Threshold, so in your case you probably only have like 1 endurance threshold affix on your gear.
On top of that, if you do have % Endurance and use Ward as well, those don’t work together.

So I would highly encourage you to try praticing the boss while maybe getting a little bit more maximum health.
Also how is your sustain, if you do get hit and not killed, do you heal up quickly enough? (like within 1-3 seconds?

Another factor are also th Enemy Modifiers from the Monolith.
These do affect the boss and can make the fight way harder.

Furthermore if you want more specific help you could post your character via Last Epoch Build Planner

On top fo all of that I also do have some guides for all the different endgame bosses there are, including all 10 Monolith Bosses. (Note: The modifers I recommended not taking for this boss fight no longer affect the boss since Patch 0.8.3)


Thanks for the info. I have a little ward but not really enough to matter IMO. I initially did invest more into ward on Flame Ward but it didn’t seem to give that much so I moved more points into damage reduction and went up into mana regen. I did want more ward but I felt like I wasn’t getting enough to matter so stopped worrying about it. Maybe I’ll try removing points towards mana regen and re-invest in ward nodes again but not sure it’s really enough to matter. I do have some ward from teleport as well but again it doesn’t seem to give that much. Focus also gives me ward but it’s hard to use these skills that require me to stand still on that fight.

You are right I only have 20% Endurance so my threshold isn’t as important but I thought that might as least give a clue about my defense in general. As for sustain I just have pots I guess. Not sure where else I would get that. I was using a elemental nova tome that had 2% leech but upgraded that to an exalted with better stats. I even tried reverting back to the tome to see if the leech would help but it didn’t.

Flame Ward can be specced into increasing the DR and also can give you Haste, which is very good as a “get outta here” button.

How did you spec your elemental nova? Do you do hybrid elemental damage? Because the sorcerer has 3 different leech passives in its tree for each element.

Fittingly, the timeline your are attempting right now would have generic spell damage leech, which is incredibly powerful, especially for Sorcerer, because gettign hig hamounts of leech is pretty hard without some Uniques or Precious gear.

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I did max out the DR node but not the haste node. Not really far enough that direction to grab that and it would require 5 points just to get haste so don’t think I will do that. I did already respec a few points to work my way to lightning ward so I can get lightning aegis for added damage with an idol that greatly increases lightning damage with aegis. I guess I can just pull the rest of my points out of the mana regen nodes and reinvest in ward to see if that helps.

I did the trio damage for EN so I’m not focusing on a particular element. All my points are in the lightning portion of the tree and I have the node that disables lightning to put it back to the default 3 element mode. I did originally put points into the Sorc passives for leech but it felt like it was spreading my points too thin so I removed them for damage nodes. Maybe I need to reconsider that move. lol.

just” to get haste?
Haste is incredibly powerful, especially if you combine it with a skill that is reactionary anyway.
Also as a Sorcerer there are not many sources of Haste.

if you stand in a telegraph and you think you can’t make it out and your movement skill is on CD, you can use Flame Ward with Haste to get out of it. In case you still do get hit, you at least ahve some ward and DR.

Yeah initially I can see that, but when you level up furtehr you can definitely consider going back into those points.

Once you achieve to get leech from unique items or Blessings you can unspec that again.

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OK. I did some respec’ing out of some crit chance nodes and pulled some out of dragon mage. I put 1 point into the pre-req of both fire and lightning nodes and then maxed out each leech node for a total of 3% leech. I also had planned on maxing out Warder node because it gives ward for each element type used and since I’m using default nova this seemed like great ward “bang for the buck” so to speak. However, I had only put 2 points in it. I bumped that up to 4 points which is 120 ward. Will work on a bit of grinding to see how this works.

As a side note I don’t see this 3% leech show up on my character sheet. Is this a known bug or expected behavior? I have an idol that leeches 1.3% from spell damage while channeling and I see the character sheet leech stat tick up to 1 when I’m channeling but where is the other 3% leech? o.O

The character sheet only shows generic stats for the most part.

The leech portion of the character sheet does not show specific types of leeches, like “Lightning Damage leeched as health”

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After reconfiguring my passives with more leech and reconfiguring skills to gain more ward (and adding a new exalted catalyst with a healthy ward boost) I was able to get past this boss first try. Thanks for the suggestions!