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Questions about pricing for Russia

UPD: game returned in Steam Store. With current price game will compete mostly with 60$ games. But i can’t close this topic myself.

Good local time, in Discord devs said that initial price for Russia ( 619 rubles or 9.55 usd converted ) was mistake and you removed game from Store until confirmation from Steam for new price. Russian community grow in speculations about it, can we get some clarification?

Here few questions people asking:

  1. What price we can expect now? 619 rubles is about in line with other 35 usd games in steam. and giving game much higher price could put Last Epoch in price range with games for 40-50$, harder to justify purchase.

  2. if you can tell, when you put game in steam did you go through same pricing process ( for all countries ) and how long it took for Steam to confirm prices. so we could know how much more we need to wait.

  3. Why game was removed only for Russia? according, it wasn’t only or lowest conversion price.

Thank you for your attention. Your humble future Russian players.

Hi there,

We have put in a request to lower the price of Last Epoch in Russia, however this is currently pending approval by Valve. Unfortunately I can’t offer an ETA for when this will be completed.

Answer will probably be no, but to be sure i wanna ask. Could people who bought the game for current price expect any sort of return difference or anything of that sort? In real life moneys or in bouns MTX currency later on?

Questions about refunds for purchases through Steam would be best posed to Valve themselves.

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