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Questions about poison mechanics

what damage types affect poison? from my testing it looks like % inc poison damage (obviously) and damage over time affect it, but not spell damage. if this is true, this means there are (to my knowledge) no weapon bases that influence poison damage at all. will this change in the future?

does the lich’s aura of decay ability “hit” enemies each time it applies poison to them, for the sake of effects that occur on hit? if so, can stacking % chance to poison on hit grant extra applications of poison stacks to each tick of AoD?

AoD states it leaves a trail of decay and also poisons enemies in that trail, but i don’t see any trail. is that not implemented yet?

how does the 60% less poison damage received from AoD interact with poison protection? if i have AoD + 60% poison protection and take a 100 poison damage hit, is it 100 * 0.4 * 0.4 = 16 damage received?

there are several nodes in acolyte skill trees that convert minion damage to poison damage, and the nodes specifically state that they now scale with increases to minion poison damage rather than minion [other damage type] damage. however, i can’t see any “increased minion poison damage” in any trees or on gear; all sources of minion damage i see are global minion damage, so the specificity seems irrelevant. is this something that’s going to change?

do my minions’ poison stacks on an enemy also grant the 10% inc poison damage per stack bonus to my own poison stacks on that enemy?

can poison damage benefit from “% of damage leeched as health”?

some unrelated questions:
from some vague testing it looks like increased healing effectiveness doesn’t apply to health regen. is this intended? what does healing effectiveness apply to, if not that?

can -resistance and penetration bring enemies into negative protection, yielding a multiplier on damage?

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