Questions about mechanics/Cinder Strike

  1. How does penetration interact with resistance shred? Is having 5% penetration essentially the same as having 1 stack of shred on an enemy? At what point does penetration fall off compared to damage? What I have seen so far says around 20% penetration.

  2. Do skill specific procs gain the effects of nodes in the main skill if not stated? Specifically wondering about Cinder Strike/Burning daggers interaction. (My assumption is no.)

  1. Resistance Shrede gives you 5% pen on regular enemies, 2% against rares/bosses.
    So 5% from stats is better than 1 stack of Shred because of the rare/boss part.
    You can count all pen together as a single ‘more’ modifier, which is multiplicative with the sum of all “increased” mods, as well as other “more” sources.

  2. They generally do not gain the main skill modifier, except for the “more” ones. This is because the “more” ones generally also affect things like cast speed, amount of minions, or in general a balance between total damage and damage occurance.

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