Questions about Harbinger of Stars and Meteor

I’m trying my hand at making a build. I want to build around the unique that casts meteors when you crit. Some questions:

  • It says that it doesn’t count crits from meteor, but does that include crits from shrapnel if I take that in the meteor tree? Or is that counted as it’s own ability?

  • Does meteor cast speed matter if it’s being indirectly cast? Or is that only for direct casts?

All subabilities that don’t have their own skill tree are considered to be “Meteor”.
So this should not count. I cannot confirm it, because I never used the item though.

Doesn’t matter at all. For all triggered skills.

What confuses me about that is while it doesn’t have it’s own skill tree, it says it doesn’t scale with the points in the meteor tree.

That is jsut a balancing choice I guess. Some subskills have this line, some don’t.

Generally all subabilities that don’t have their own skill tree do scale with damage nodes from their parent skill… unless specified other wise.

For the most part this really is balancing and for the most part this really is not a big issue.
Generally, most of the time subskilsl don’t scale with the main skill, if they have a lot of other skill tree nodes that let you further specialize in them. So that is kinda like transforming the skill so much that the subskill is the new main feature of the skill.
While there are other sub skills that don’t have any follow up nodes, those usually do scale with the main skills damage.

All of that is just rule of thumb and I am sure there are some exceptions I forgot.