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Questions about Flurry

So I have several questions about channeled flurry.

I believe my body armor has an affix that increases the critical strike chance of the third strike of flurry (I think…i’m not in game right now). Does this increase simply apply to 1/3 of my flurry shots when it’s channeled?

There are also some passives and some nodes in the flurry tree itself that make me curious about how they interact with channeled flurry. One passive node increases the damage of every 3rd attack, and it seems to only cycle once per flurry. What i’ve been doing is doing 2 short channels of flurry, and then using the 3rd one to kill everything. I’m not sure if this is actually working, but it seems like I see bigger numbers.

There’s also a node that adds ailments to each shot of flurry, and I’m assuming that it just cycles through while you hold the button.

I’m trying to decide on going bleed flurry, poison flurry, dot flurry, or just plain hit flurry. Not sure which one has the most potential.

Yes. All the channelled node does is remove the downtime between each set of 3 swings/arrows.

Depends on the wording. If it’s “per use” then it would affect all hits for the channel (eg, Lethal Cadence). The Cresendo node should affect every third swing/arrow though, not all swings/arrows for every third channel. If it is affecting all swings/arrows on a channel then that’s a bug.

Yes. But if this is working then I’m surprised that Cresendo isn’t working like that.

Likely poison since poison scales harder. Arborous has done a build guide on it I believe. Though he takes advantage of a bug with the Shockwave node in that the Force Wave isn’t getting the 40% reduced chance to apply ailments.

Yeah, Lethal Cadence is the passive I was referring to, it definitely seems to effect the entire channel.

Poison huh? Well that will be annoying to swap over to, but you’re probably right.

Bleed is rather strong also, if you already have the right affixes.
Poison is stronger, but bleed is really good.

I don’t think i’ve hit lvl 60 yet, so I can go either way. The difficulty is that this is my most progressed hardcore character, so shards & such are limited.

Ah, I thought you meant a skill node.

So does lethal cadence increase poison/bleed damage, or just the direct damage of the flurry hits?

Same question regarding the Concentration buff (120% increased damage as long as you haven’t been hit by an enemy within 4m).

Or the Jade Quiver node from the shift tree…I think these apply to the entire channel, because the buff only goes away once each time I channel.

I was hoping Ethereal Arrows applied to the DoT’s, but I don’t think it does. It’s really confusing trying to figure out what works with the DoT’s and individual hits of flurry and what doesn’t.

They are both generic damage buffs that don’t specify hits so they will apply to ailments on the consuming skills.


It should do since it doesn’t specify hits. The damage modifier based on mana cost is just a different way of calculating a damage bonus. The problem you may be facing with channelled Flurry is that it only has a mana cost (not channelled cost, they are different things) of 1.

The problem you may be facing with channelled Flurry is that it only has a mana cost (not channelled cost, they are different things) of 1.

Ah, that explains it. Thanks for the information.