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Questions about Drain Life, Hollow Lich, and leech mechanics

Been theorycrafting a low life Lich build to see if its worth giving up Death Seal and Reaper Form (survey says: nope), but I’ve got a bit of confusion regarding specific mechanics and would love to get some insight from anyone who knows.

  1. Hollow Lich converts leech from all sources into a damage modifier. Does this include the leech inherent to Drain Life and its skill tree nodes?
  2. Is the “Spells and Attacks deal increased damage equal to your missing health” passive on Lich based on how much percentage health I’m missing, or is it the flat amount converted to a percent value?
  3. The “Lay Waste” node in Drain Life’s skill tree adds a big multiplier to Drain Life’s damage, at the cost of removing its inherent leech. Does this also remove the (potential) damage bonus from having its leech converted to damage, or does it not interact?

Sorry if there are easy answers to these somewhere, I’ve been asking and looking and haven’t found any!

Hello and welcome!

Good thinking on the interactions - you’re spot on. Hollow Lich converts all sources of leech - though Life Gain (such as on hit/on kill) still work. I’m not sure numerically on whether the increased damage per missing health is percentage based or not - I would assume it is, given that that’s a reasonable amount; note, though, you still want to scale up life from other sources, since Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living both use your raw missing health amount to scale ward gained. And yes - removing the Life Leech from Lay Waste will reduce your increased damage from Hollow Lich - though keep in mind that Hollow Lich is an increased damage modifier, not a more multiplier like Lay Waste. That can add up to a huge difference in the long run - Lay Waste also only removes the base leech on Drain Life. So if you’re not taking Hollow Lich, it can still leech from other sources.

Welcome to the undead!

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It is, its thematically opposed to the Pally’s mastery bonus. If it were a falt bonus the Lich would be capable of doing phenomenal amounts of damage.