Questions about channelled Flurry

According to my test, once you start to channel a Flurry, this Flurry’s attack speed depends on your attack speed at the moment your starting channelling , and it won’t change anymore even if you get any attack speed aliments after that moment untill you rechannel a new Flurry.

For example, the Flurry skilltree node Relentless and Adrenaline rush 's increaseing attack speed effect won’t make your current channelling Flurry any faster which proc these two effect, unless you stop channelling it and start channelling another Flurry while those two effect still in their duration. This situation also happens with the marksman passive Arrow storm: if you want your channelled Flurry benefit from Arrow storm, you should use any attack skill once to proc Arrow storm effect first, then start channelling Flurry.

So my question is this:
1 Is other channelled skill ’ s attack speed like this?

2 Is the damage of channelled Flurry like this?

Probably yes to both since channelled skills snapshot the stats at the start of the channel. The only other channelled skill that can be affected by attack (or cast) speed is Warpath, most of the other channels are spells which aren’t affected by cast speed (& yes, there are a few channelled attacks, but they aren’t affected by attack speed at all).

Also means if you get haste from shift and you start the channeling right after, you get haste for the duration of the channel.

And as OP mentioned the channel uses the character’s attack speed - I think this is based on some sort of default because the weapon attack speed seems negated. I’ve been having fun with a 2H flurry melee rogue using the slowest weapons around and I can say it is a very good way to stun.

Just thought these points might be noteworthy :slight_smile:

Haste only grants Movementspeed.

But if you would have temporary attack speed boosts like Frenzy for example, the attack speed you have while channeling would be snapshotted at the start.

So if you loose some attack speed while your are already channeling, the atack speed while channeling would stay on the higher value for as long as you keep channeling.

I have asked about flurry attack speed caculation.
As far as i know, every attack skill has its own base time. For example, channelled flurry’s base time is 0.7s (every 3 arrow). This time will reduce by your increased attack speed %. But the invreased attack speed % stats you see from your C pannel is caculated like this:
increased attack speed% = (1 + all of your increased attack speed % from your gear, skill node,passive point) * your weapon speed.

If you use a 0.92 speed weapon, and have 72% increased attack speed stats for all, your channelled Flurry attack speed is like this:
3 arrows * 1/0.7*(1+0.72)*0.92= 6.78 arrows/s.

If you change to 1.1 speed weapon, it will become like this:
3 arrows * 1/0.7*(1+0.72)*1.1= 8.11 arrows/s.

From the result you will see that weapon speed is important. It works like the “More damge” stats which multiplicative with other modifiers, it multiplicative with all of your increased attack speed stats.

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Hmmm…I wonder then why my attacks are quite faster after a shift. I thought it was the haste.

So channeled just gives a 1/.7 more attack speed in any case? What are the downsides of channeling it?

The lack of mobility & you’re effectively locked out of any “on use” procs since only the start of the channel counts as “on use” (& yes I know that this also means that you can get an entire channel’s benefit from the Lethal Cadence buff). Also, quite a few buffs specify “non-channelled” attacks such as the nodes on the right side of Shift’s skill tree.

Thanks, that makes sense. I did try to use Lagon’s 2H and noticed - I guess I’m not feeling that downside much but it is definitely one (the procs). The other I had not even considered a downside, but I guess it is too. I suppose the increased as made me blind to it.


edit: the lack of mobility - there’s no downside I think to restart a channel as I do it all the time, just like I were attacking without it.

No. It is not the channelling making it 1/0.7.

Flurry base time is 0.7s, and between two Flurries there is a 0.5s time gap. Channelled Flurry just removes this 0.5s gap to make it channelling, but the 0.7s still there.

And the 0.7 is what’s affected by your attack speed.

Based on the above it’s not clear to me why the 1 point in boundless blows increases the attack speed of my 2H flurry that much. That’s not on you guys, but on me. I’ll go do some extra testing, I think I may have messed up somewhere.

Thanks for the responses, I appreciate :slight_smile:

Why? Because it removes a 0.5s “cooldown” (it’s not a cooldown, it’s also based on attack speed, but it functions similarly to a cooldown) that the game sticks inbetween each set of 3 swings. So ignoring any attack speed bonuses, you go from 3 attacks every 1.2s (0.7s for the 3 hits then a 0.5s wait) to 3 attacks every 0.7s. So if nothing else you’ll be getting ~42% more hits per unit time.

Ah right, I didn’t get the .5 because it made me think with that it would be impossible to go over 2x flurry per second (if those were completely instant) which would cap it at 6 attacks ps and I knew that wasn’t the case. With the .5 also being influenced I get it.

So the gain of the channeling equates to that .5 with attack speed influence being removed from in between flurries.

Which would also mean the more attack speed you have overall, the less benefit from channeling (if nothing else). ← edit: this is wrong, see post below

I might get it now, thanks.

I’m not sure that’s correct. If you have zero attack speed & you’re doing 3 attacks every 1.2s removing the 0.5s gives you 3 attacks every 0.7s or a 42% increase in the hits per sec. If you have 100% attack speed, you’d be doing 3 attacks every 0.6s & the 0.5s would now be 0.25 so channelling it would get you 3 attacks every 0.35s which is still 42% more hits per second ( from 1-(0.7/1.2) to 1-(0.35/0.6).

Assuming my assumptions are correct, channelling should always be ~42% more hits in a given time period compared to not channelling.

You’re absolutely right it normalizes on both sides. The AS gain is fixed at that 42%.

edit: can’t edit my earlier posts (to mark the correct answers below). ppl gonna have to scroll to find the truth :confused:

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