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Questions about Beastmaster passives with unclear wording

  1. Porcine Consitution: Does it apply to all instances of Aspect of the Boar (including proccs with Primal Strength) or does it only apply to Boar Heart proccs?

  2. Axe and Claw: Does the flat damage therein now apply to spells too or did the “Melee” wording that this passive had a while ago get changed without changeing the actual mechanics? (It was worded: “Grants you and your minions 2 added melee physical damage.”)


Porcine Constitution is additive with Aspect of the Boar’s base damage reduction. The other two nodes you mention are just ways to proc Aspect of the Boar.

From the wording that would affect both melee & spells (and minions), though it doesn’t appear to be affecting Tornado, so it looks like that’s a typo/bug.

Ty Llama!

  1. Y, that’s how i understand it too. Very good place to put my points then i guess ^^.
  2. Sadness. Y, i also couldn’t see any difference on my spells. Thx for trying it out.

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