Question: Will the Arena Endgame system KILL my Hardcore char?

If I attempt to play the Arena in Hardcore mode, will I lose my character when he eventually can’t handle a wave?

dead is dead is dead is dead

Yes that’s why they have separate leaderboards. The HC one top scores will always be much lower

You won’t lose your character. It will be sent to SC is all.

which, for a hc player, is losing your character.

I asked the same thing in game way back in the day, and I was told no. Guess who learned the hard way!

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Trolled into oblivion.

How can one even expect to have a safe environment to farm EXP for their hardcore character?

Safe environment… hardcore character…

How can I do extreme downhill racing, without fear of hurting myself?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?


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Like this? :joy:

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Exactly my point. The idea of farming EXP in a safe zone in hardcore is so nuts that I can’t believe that people even ask that question …

I played the demo, fell out of my chair… cracked 2 ribs. fsigh

I would ask for a refund.
If you’re in the US, you can probably even sue.

But you should first make sure if you recolored it properly.

That’s kind of the definition of hardcore - if you die, then you’re dead. But I read somewhere that the character will be moved to standard mode, so it will still “live” in that sense.

…and in our hearts. #pitter-pat

Selling Lessons of the Metropolis, never worn (HC character died before reaching a stash).