Question regarding loot filter

So, as the title says, I am working on creating my own loot filter. What I am trying to do is have it to where any time one of the uniques I need for my build drops, it is recolored to white. I want ONLY the uniques that I need to be recolored, not the others in the same item type.

For example, for Unique leather belt, I need Thorn Slinger. There are I think 5 other unique leather belts. If I add one of the affixes, I get what I am assuming is an error message telling me it doesn’t match that type, but that is indeed what is on the unique. In testing the filter of LETools, I have yet to even see the item I need show up, let alone be recolored. Does anyone know of a possible way to do that or am I doing something wrong?

Any help is appreciated!

Exsanguinous isn’t a belt, it’s a body armour.

Thanks, looked at the wrong thing as typing. Edited to Thorn Slinger.

Best you can do is to filter rarity: unique, item type: belt, subtype: leather belt + recolor.

That’s what I did, but it is recoloring all of those subtypes. I wasn’t sure if I also filtered for one of the affixes on the unique that is specific to that, if it would work as well to only show that one. In my testing, I don’t even see it come up when trying it out on LETools.

Is that your only set of conditions for the filter? The order of sequence is hierarchical.

The only way to do what you want to do is to Make a 2 Condition Rule with Item Rarity: Unique + Item Type - SubType: Only select the item sub type that the unique is.

I explain this as well with examples here:

Note that Exsanguinous has a “Unique Only” subtype.

If you want to see a unique that has multiple uniques on the same base, you need to add a 3rd condition with level requirement to it, to only show the desired one.

That doesn’t work, stats on uniques do not refer to the regular affixes, even when they are regular sstats that are avaiallbe as affixes.

So for your Exsanguinous the rule would look like this:

Another example with the mentioned level requirement condition. There are 2 Mage Unique Helmet both using the same base type: Crest of Unity(Required Level 60) and Apex of Thoughts (Required Level 59). If you only want to see the Crest of Unity, the rule would look like this:


This is great and works like a charm! Thank you so much for the help!

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