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Question regarding Elemental Nova and the Invoker's set interaction

So I’ve found the full Invoker’s set so I want to make a build around it. The set bonus is “Casting a lightning spell gives 20% more fire damage, casting a fire spell gives 20% more cold damage, and casting a cold spell gives 20% more lightning damage”.

So my idea is to use Fire Shield, Cold Elemental Nova (EN) and Mana Strike to proc the buffs. However I find the interaction is really weird.

If I don’t spec into any nova type, EN has these tags “Lightning, Cold, Fire, Elemental…”. When I cast it, I get the damage buff to fire. So I guess the game does the check in this order lighnting -> fire -> cold, and when it sees the lightning tag it gives the fire damage buff and skips the other checks. That makes sense. Now if I spec into Cold EN, the lightning and fire tag will disappear, only cold left. However when I cast it, I still get the fire damage buff, which means the lightning tag is still there just hidden.

So my question is, is this a bug or an intended behavior? Maybe someone can confirm?

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