Question regarding 'Death Comes Quickly' passive on Reaper Form


Wanted to ask if the ‘Death Comes Quickly’ should show as an buff icon?
And if yes, does it come only from Reap kills or kills also from other skills?

Can’t remember if it gets an icon or not but it should be any kills while in Reaper form.

Thank you for the reply, I was wondering because I use different skill but an icon is not shown, tried also to kill with Reap but again no icon, so will just have to assume the buff is there :smiley:

Generally the devs give things icons above the skill bar if they help with or are required by decision making.

I see, thank you again for the replies!

I don’t think it is functional. I don’t see an icon either, nor do I seem to get any movement speed. The MS isn’t reflected on the character sheet nor felt in the game.

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