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Question on some of the modifiers on skills

If something is, say, …Physical, Spell…

How is that damage calculated? And what about elemental damage? If something deals fire damage (say the beastmaster’s fire tornado) does it get increases from Physical (because the tooltip says physiccal) spell AND elemental? what if it’s not a fire tornado but just a regular tornado? is it then just physical and spell? so making it fire would be just that much more damaging?

any help is appreciated, so many things to calc…

with Serpent Strike, one of the nodes adds %3 to base crit chance (is that just for using serpent strike, or is that to your character?)

and spear flurry adds 7% attack speed.

they don’t “specify” these only work with these spells, but the crit chance one seems a little weak to be just for the skill imo, compared to a lot of the other nodes for the skills which can add %10 damage + per point easily

with Entangling Roots’ node “imbued sap” it says 25% increased damage for allies within the roots.

are you an ally? or does this only buff pets?

Unless stated otherwise, all bonuses granted by a skill’s tree are exclusive to the skill.

Imbued Sap can apply to you because you’re an ally of the roots, as well as any other summons you have.

Because the Fire Tornado node states that base physical damage is converted to fire, increased physical damage will not scale the damage of Fire Tornado. The damage is converted to fire damage before the increase is applied. Physical (but not melee physical) and spell damage will scale a normal tornado.

We’ll do our best to make this clear in-game as we go forward, there’s lots to be added for explanations.


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What about %elemental dmg vs %spell dmg? they feel redundant to me, so I think i’m missing something.


For Fury Leap, would melee physical affect that? sorry for my confusion :-))))

thanks so much for the information!

Sorcerers have Mana Strike, an attack which deals lightning damage. Through stacking elemental damage, they will be able to scale both that attack and their fire, cold, and lightning spells. As Mana Strike is not a spell, this is an advantage which the spell damage affix doesn’t offer.

Beast Masters have spells which deal physical damage - e.g. Thorn Burst and Tornado, etc. By default, these won’t scale with elemental damage (you can pick up Fire Tornado; not everyone will). They will prefer spell damage as they gain very little benefit from elemental damage.

The Void Knight has a combination of physical and void abilities, some of which are attacks and others are spells. Whether one chooses to focus on physical, void, attack, or spell affixes will depend primarily on the build you choose to play. The hope is you’ll have plenty of options.

Yes it would; Fury Leap has both the melee and physical tags. :slight_smile:

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you guys are awesome for your responses. Thank you! i was just wondering literally all of these questions lol.


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