Question on Legendary Bhuldar Farming - Spirits of Fire

Hi guys,

Is farming the empowered version better than the regular for getting Bhuldars for my Druid? Regular would be faster and non-empowered im guessing would have a better chance for a legendary potential but would take way longer.

Given a unique item dropping, the LP that item gets is modified only by the zone level. Empowered monoliths have more drops in general so you get more cracks at it.

Since Bhuldar’s Wrath is a 50/50 guaranteed drop and it’s already a “relatively high” level timeline in normal, I personally think you best chance would be:

  • Normal 50 Corruption Timeline (Corruption increases the level of the enemies very clsoe to 100 (I think ~Lvl95 or Lvl96 at 50 corruption)
  • Empowered Monolith on very high corruption, so much, that you need less echoes than a normal timeline

For empowered to be faster than normal you would need roughly 150-200 corruption
(Normal Spirits Of Fire needs 650 Timeline Stability and Empowered needs 900)

So depending on your build and how much you struggle with slightly higher corrupted empowered, empowered will most likely be faster, once you reached a good depth.

For random drops, empowered is definitely the better place, as @Mike_W already mentioned.

But if you gonna grind for boss drops on normal, at least increasing the corruption to the maximum (50 in this case) should be done.

If you desired drop would be the rare drop of a MoF Timeline Boss, empowered would also be the better place, since you can increase your chance of getting those significantly by increasing %inc. item rarity.

Thank you all for the responses. Looks like its a flat out 50% drop rate and then probably another lower chance for it being a legendary(dont know the percentage). So far I have done one empowered and 2 nonempowered for just one Bhuldars with LP. Need to run more since I bricked my first anyways.

If it helps, I got a Bhuldar’s with 2LP in Empowered Mono with less than 150 corruption, so even though Empowered is better, you don’t have to go too high to get one.

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