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[Question] Is there any mechanism make the boss take less damage?

Is there any mechanism here that will allow the boss to gain the ability to reduce the damage taken by a certain percentage based on the life that has been lost ? (not the endurance)
I once saw a similar response in the forum, but I can’t find it now, can anyone hint, thanks !

There indeed is a mechanic that increases a bosses damage mitigation when he gets a burst of very huge damage. You can see this kicking in on boardman’s video of the million DPS javelin build.

The bosses healthbar ticks down by a large amount, but the follow up ticks get smaller.

This mechanic once was very obvious, but got tuned down. It was a hot topic when it was implemented. Currently it’s not mentioned that often anymore. Maybe most people even don’t recognise it because their builds are not affected or the effect is small enough to not cause a reaction.

I don’t know the exact threshold and numbers. If I remember correctly, this is kind of a temporary buff that runs out when you reduce the damage on the boss.

Maybe @Llama8 has some more infos, because his alien brain is all about numbers.

Else, the “ask the devs” discord channel might be a good spot to ask about further infos.

At one point there was a mechanic for bosses where they’d gain damage reduction for a duration based on the amount of hp they’d lost. So if you were killing it “too fast” the instances of DR would stack & you’d end up killing it a lot more slowly.

However, I think they removed it, or nerfed it a lot.

Mobs, in general, do have % DR based on the area level which is why you do less damage than on the dummy. I think it gets to something like ~90% at lvl 100. Also, if the modifiers you take in the monolith are generic (not referncing “rares”) then they will affect the boss.