Question for folks who have the Ominividence staff:

Were you hard grinding for it in the empowered Stolen Lance timeline from the unique staff monolith zones, or did it fall in your lap?

I’ve been smashing that timeline for 100’s if not 1000’s of areas with no luck yet! Just curious how other people came across theirs.

I got them before 0.8.3. It’s a random drop so farming any zone above the minimum level would do. Higher corruption (-> higher increased rarity) will give you more uniques so more chances of it dropping.

Yeah guess I’d better get the increased drop chance blessings for uniques and 2 handed staves as well. Sighhhh

I got it 2 times, 1 time as a drop on void timeline boss, other time was a random drop

Edited: no increased unique blessing, no target farming (played 300hours for this 2 drops)

Only one of those will take effect (the unique one I believe, presumably because item rarity rolls first).

Sooo it won’t make more unique 2 handed staves drop? That’s dumb >_<

shrugs The devs have always said that it’s only the unique blessing that affects the frequency of unique drops.

My two cents…

Unless you are a diehard item chaser and have the mental stamina to run hundreds (if not thousands) of maps over and over looking for a totally random world item, I recommend that you dont… the RNGods & Murphy will see you coming a mile away and no one wants to let those f$%#$@s get hold of you…

After about 1k playtime I have realised that LE has more than enough to interest a player into just playing the game and over time those juicy build defining items DO eventually drop… Sure, sometimes I will run a few hundred maps looking for a Bastion of Honour but I have learnt to just play and when a chase item drops - then and only then do i try out a build that requires it…

So… for diehard item chasers - go for it… :wink: for the rest of us… just play… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s wisdom to your words, but I’m gonna play the build AND chase it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got them

I have one omnividence staff, dropped randomly somewhere about a month ago I think, I know it was normal mono, but I don’t remember more.

And three days ago I dropped an orian amulet(I’m very pleased, I’ve been wanting it for my mage for a long time), also normal mono, and with a very small magic find.(I almost missed it, I was playing void warpath and my echo killed the mob and I just saw the uniq drop icon on the minimap, I didn’t even want to go back but I went back to the drop spot and there was the orian haha)
So RNG is really erratic haha.

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One might almost say it’s … random…

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