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Question for devs about Russian price

In first hour after steam release game price for this game in RU steam - 619 rub. In next 2 days devs raise price to 1500 rub.

This final price? Because 619 rub real price for this game right now. Grim dawn with all dlc cheaper than Last Epoch. Path of Exile supporter pack cheaper than Last Epoch (with supporter pack you can bought all useful stash tabs and play free). Even Diablo 3 on sales with all dlc cheaper than Last Epoch.

Most of Russians skip this game because high price. Almost every ru player laughs at the price tag. 1500 rub for beta test? Serioulsy? This looks like you don’t know about russian economics and prices for other games.

For example in other countries this game even cheaper than 619 rub. Look on my screen, why others can buy game cheaper than russians?

If you not do something right now you lose all ARPG funs from Russia, no one want to wait one year for this game, you just lose part of your potential player base.

Best solution for this situation: add another pack in RU steam store with base game and beta access only, without cosmetic points and pet. Sell this new pack for old price - 619 rub. Profit. Everyone who hate this game right now come back and buy game and start making good rewievs in steam. You just win in this situation.

According to google 1500 rubles is about $23. It cost us Americans $35. I dont know jack shit about Russian economics, but from here it looks like you are getting a nice discount.

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it doesn’t work that way at all. If you lived in Russia, you would know that all games are an order of magnitude less there - all because of the low purchasing power of the population (in many other countries this trend continues - in China and India, games are cheaper than in America and Europe). Absolutely all publishers understand this, and therefore rank the prices for games in accordance with the economic model. 1500 rubles is really too high a price (about 2-3 times higher than it should be), especially for the beta version of the game

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We don’t have same economic like peoples from USA or euro regions. Right now one dollar equivalent 65,11 rubles and one euro equivalent 72,89 rubles. If devs just convert 35 dollars to russian rubles no one from Russia can buy this product. This looks like any fully completed AAA class game cheaper than Last epoch beta version in Russia.


The game itself costs $15 at release at $10 now to “preorder”, the $35 pricetag currently is the cost of being in beta along with extra perks like cosmetics, not the price of the game. As such, they are not trying to sell the game for much cheaper in russia like its a finished game, they are at a point during development where they need lots of capital to develop, and are not looking to have tons of players/a full playerbase yet. It makes little sense to make the game exceedingly cheap in russia at this state in its development because it would hardly fund the game, yet add tremendous strain proportional to its funding to the game. Remember, at this stage it is more supporting and funding than it is purchasing


Like I said Im not going to act like I understand the living situation in Russia, so thank you for the eloquent reply. Like @cpurdy said, the games current state is not one of mass consumption, it is a work in progress and all of us know this. We are a paying a premium (debatable since we get equivalent cosmetic points) to be able to voice our opinions/concerns/suggestion and experience the games growth. I understand that it may be frustrating though!

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I am one of those that bought the game cheaper. It cost me around 10$. Our minimum wage is 3-5 times less than those countries that are charged 35$. Or GDP per capita is 3-6 times less. In a sense, we are paying similar price.

I really don’t want to be part of this debate but I just wanna say regional prices are there because they work.

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